Elections in 212 balls: antique impact, wild events in Koper


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Aleksander Jevšek is still Chief Executive of Murska Sobota. Photograph: MMC RTV SLO

Macedoni won the second term in the first round. Picture: BoBo

Kontič, the current winner, won the third term in the first round. He moved to the county chairman with three challenging counselors. Picture: Slovenia Television

2018 local elections

Electors in 212 won a new leadership. We watched the MMC minutes from minutes to a minute.

Following the first unofficial results Ljubljana the senior master won again his first visit Zoran JankovicSouth Westerly

V Maribor there will be a second trip Sašo Arsenovičem (38.1%) and Franc Kangler (31.4%).

V New home the city's master has won Griogair Macedonian, who emerged as an independent advocate, and received support from SDS, NSi, Ivan Kralj and DeSUS. Secondly, the GAS candidate Jože Kobe, and the third and fourth advocate of the Alliance for Dolenjska with the support of the SD and SMC Alenka Muhič and Rok Mežnar na h-Adhmad candidate. Macedoni said the New Towners decided "continue with a successful story".

Aleksander Jevsek the Town Guard is still Murska Sobota, since voters vote a large majority. Jevsek said that this benefits from their integration policy. "The politics that representatives represent the policy of disturbance, conflict, confusion and uncertainty, and the other policy we are doing; representation, social democrats and the policy that accompanies me, the policy is hopeful that much is to be done here,"he said, saying that it was a regional center on Saturday, so that no one can dispute, which does not mean that he has a central role but the area's connection in the economy, tourism and elsewhere.

V Velenje There are also no changes, her home runs her third term Bojan KontičThe post The election represents a commitment to work in a good future in the future. "We will continue with the work we have begun, the one that we did not complete these orders, because we are waiting to break European finances,"he explained.

He also continues his long-term counties Bojan Srot v CeljuSouth Westerly

V New Gorica the current seaman Matej Arčon for the third agreement at the head of the town in the second round, with a move Klemnom MiklavichemS "I am familiar with running the second tour in the selection of masters, this has already happened in 2010, 2014 and, as it seems, in 2018. Under second visit, I will My best for the work is for citizens and, in particular, important development plans that are ready to continue, which have a financial basis, eg European funding, which will include Nova Gorica for the next development development,"said Arčon. Miklavič expects to move more people and the impact of the second one."Thinking that we are the worst of having to & # 39; Offering alternatives to current and home management, we Especially due to such a choice, Goriška.si as a move and myself as the face of this move, "he said.

Addition Ptuju the Mayoral election will decide on the second visit in which the SD candidate is sent Нюшка Гайшек there Štefan Čelan, a candidate with support from citizens. Nuška Gajšek is committed to pursuing an advanced campaign, Štefan Čelan is a " Looking forward to continuing the campaign: "NI will not be angry if Nuska is not elected."In Ptuj, nine nominees have been nominated for a huge situation, including the current one-time Baillie Miran Sencar who had not come back to the entrepreneurial waters .

The second tour is also in the smallest town The name Slovenj GradecCurrent Post-Primary School Andrej Čas He finished the second, the principal Klugler Tylen He ran out of his first visit. The time has been wrong to talk much about the "imaginary image" campaign; he left, as he said, to make arguments. "In fact, I was not sure that all these stories were published in the last half of the year and are largely images, "said Am, who thought that a program was well planned and work that was ahead. Klugler was very happy to come out."We promise a good result in the second round, "he said.

On 2 December, voters will also return to the polling bills as well Kranju, where a city mariner is not longer in & # 39; game. The election will be SD candidates Matjaz Rakovec and independent candidates Zoran StevanovicSouth Westerly

V Koper it will be extremely attractive, after half of the accounts are aimed at the second round of a thousand Boris Popovich there Aleš BržanSouth Westerly

Events in non-urban towns
Na Dicks The longtime boss, Drago Vogrinčič, will move Danilo Kacijan in the second round. To the chairman of a seaman Distribution former former brother of Pukšič Franc. Romana Lesjak still lives in her; sea Black on CarinthiaSouth West In town Podvelka Ljubljana's winner, Anton Kovše, who has been so far the oldest master, won a prestigious victory.

In town Miren-Kostanjevica the unofficial winner of Humar's Moor. V Bovcu 81.21% of votes won by Valter Mlekuž. V Kobarid Robert Kavčič (43.05%) and Marko Matajurc (33.65%) will move second round. According to unofficial information, it is in the home Pivka In the first round, Robert Smrdelj (70.59%) won. With 511.72% of support in the home Šempeter-Vrtojba spread. According to unofficial information, the town Vipava led by Goran Kodelja.

Towns Komen to be re-appointed to his new postman after four years, Erik Modic, sent by old minister Marko Bandelli to his / her; constituent in the election campaign. V Piran In the second round, Đenio Zadkovič and Tomaž Gantar will move. In town Renče-Vogrsko It will be moved again by Rajko Lasic and Tariq Žigon. V They are there The electorate gave another command to Chief Executive Gregor Strmčnik. V Ilirski Bistrici the factor Emil Rojc appears on a seaman's home. V Postage Igor Marentič will keep a sailor's home. In town Hrpelje with 84% supporting Higher Saša Likavec Svetelšek. Also Kanalu the new factor, Tina Gerbec.

V Tolmin The town is run by Uroš Brežan. It's an important impact in order to & # 39; sailor in town Divača got Alenka Štrucl Dovgan. V Ajdovščina In the first round, the Prime Tadej Beočanin celebrated his impact. In town Brda celebrated by Francis Mužič. David Škabar and Andrej Sila will move in a truly rounded position in the second round in the town TakenVice-V Sunday According to all counted votes, the factor came to Darko Zevnik.

In town Tržič in the second round, two post-deputies Borut Sajovic and Pavle Rupar. V Zagorje ob Savi The factor Matjaž Švagan is still. V Slovenian Bistrica The long-term manager and current minister, Ivan Žagar, who had only one opponent, was still a master. Na Jesenice A second tour will be needed between the Chief Executive of Tomaž Mencinger and the journalist Blaž Račič. V Semiču There were two candidates, marked by Polona Kambič. V Crnomelj Andrej Kavšek and Maja Kocjan will move in the second round of elections.

V Litiji The old sea of ​​Frank Rokavec is still in town Log-Dragomer, which is run by Miran Stanovnik by motorcycle. Na Vrhnika, where the game for the chairman of her mariner was; Unlike the current maritime, however, Daniel Cukjati and Peter Gabrovšek compete for the second round election.

In 36 balls there was only one candidate
In 36 towns only, there was only one candidate on the ballot papers. 35 were already warehouses in the city Jezersko and the same candidate, Andrej Karnicar, has been elected. Bled: Janez Fajfar, Brezovica: Ropret mode, Cerkvenjak: Marjan Žmavc, Dobje: Frank Leskovšek, Dobrovnik: Marjan Kardinar, Gorenja vas-Poljane: Milan Janez Čadež, Beanntan: Patrick Torkar, Hajdina: Stanislav Glažar, Hodoš: Ludvik Orban, Ivančna Gorica: Dusan Strnad, Commendable: Stanislav Poglajen, Kranjska Gora: Janez Hrovat, Križevci: Branko Belec, Love: Franjo Naraločnik, Bigger: Darinka Fakin, Makole: Franc Majcen, Mežica: Dusan Krebel, Nazarje: Matej Pečovnik, Sub-Thursday: Patrick Misja, Polzela: Jože Kužnik, Prevalje: Matija Tasič, Rache-Fram: Branko Ledinek, Radeče: Tomaž Režun, Radlje ob Dravi: Alan Bukovnik, Razkrižje: Ivanusic Stanko, Sevnica: Srecko Ocvirk, Sreflection: Blaž Milavec, St. George in Slovenske Gorice: Patrick Škrlec, Trnovska you are: Alojz Benko, Polana Mòr: Damijan Jaklin, Vodice: Aco Franc Šuštar, Soldier: Branko Petre, Vuzenica: Francis Golob, Railway: Anton Luznar, Harvesting: Anton Butolen.

In just 60 towns, only two nominees were nominated for a seaman, who is meant they had one round of elections. In towns where no one has received a 50% support, the votes will be reopened on 2 December.

Local elections are vital, the voter's Prime Minister said Marjan ŠarecPost-Office What is happening in the & # 39; The local community is the most important thing for citizens, because they justify the outcome of the work, he said, since he himself, formerly Baillie Kamnik, had a direct knowledge of this level of authority .

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