Elections: It says that Janković, Macedonia, Kontič, Maribor, Kranj, Slovenj Gradec, Ptuj 2nd round have an impact


Evening party live

Electors in 212 won a new leadership. We also monitor detailed minute events at a & # 39; MMC.

The first unofficial result of her; there Ljubljana identify a reliable re-election of the current margin Zoran Jankovic in the first round.

V Maribor after 80% of the votes cast, which marked the second round Saša Arsenoviča there Franz KanglerSouth Westerly

V New home they accounted for 80% of votes and, as it seems, they will receive a new command Griogair Macedonian, which is run by the help of customers of the right.

Also Velenje there will be no change in the town's top. In accordance with the accounts that have been counted to date Bojan Kontič (SD) to stay at the chair of his / her chairman; seaman.

V Kranju after three count count counts Matjaž Rakovec before Zoran Stevanovic, the second tour is named.

V The name Slovenj Gradec there will be a second trip. Current high school Andrej Čas He came ashore in the second place, the principal Klugler Tylen He ran out of his first visit.

In the second round Ptuju they move Štefan Čelan, who was already in the past on the leadership of his home, and Нюшка Гайшек (SD).

Events in non-urban towns
V Dicks Largo Longgo Drago Vogrinčič lost his role against Danilo Kacijan. To the chairman of a seaman Distribution former former brother of Pukšič Franc. Romana Lesjak still lives in her; sea Black on CarinthiaSouth Westerly

In town Miren Kostanjevica the unofficial winner of Humar's Moor. V Bovcu 81.21% of votes won by Valter Mlekuž. V Kobarid Robert Kavčič (43.05%) and Marko Matajurc (33.65%) will move second round. According to unofficial information, it is in the home Pivka In the first round, Robert Smrdelj (70.59%) won. With 511.72% of support in the home Šempeter-Vrtojba spread. According to unofficial information, the town Vipava led by Goran Kodelja.

Towns Komen to be re-appointed to his new postman after four years, Erik Modic, sent by old minister Marko Bandelli to his / her; constituent in the election campaign. In town Tržič in the second round, formerly former Borut Sajovic and Pavle Rupar members.

In 36 balls there was only one candidate

Only 36 nominees had one candidate on the ballot papers. 35 of them were a branch so far, and the Jezersko town was chosen as the only new applicant. In 60 towns, only two candidates for their mariner are nominated, means they have one round of elections. In towns where 50% support does not receive, the votes will be reopened on 2 December.

Local elections are vital, the voter's Prime Minister said Marjan ŠarecPost-Office What is happening in the & # 39; The local community is the most important thing for citizens, because they justify the outcome of the work, he said, since he himself, formerly Baillie Kamnik, had a direct knowledge of this level of authority .

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