Electricity is being introduced to Rivian R1T


the Rivier RJ Scaringe, the founder and chief of the company, called a few years ago that their company will make a project that has not been previously done. After years of research, development and planning R1 The designated electricity generation is today just as it came out. With this device, we can say that Rivian has created an unprecedented section.

Rivian R1T looks like we can see the official promotional images from above, and give people the opportunity to access them. Constructing normal pieces of performance, ability and use. Because all features were on their car & car. One of the most spectacular features of the vehicle is the 0-100 km / h reduction of 3 seconds. Given that this value is, the class really car enters. Acceleration is said to take 0-160 km / h to a 7 seconds vehicle. These performance values ​​have allowed the vehicle to throw up to 5 tonnes.

At the same time, the battery's largest battery pack has a & # 39; offers a very good range of 640 km. Half of the battery can be completed in 30 minutes with the rapid cost of DC. If we come to a car engine, there are 4 independent electric appliances in 4 wheels and each of these devices has; making 147 kW and 3500 Nm torque. A total of 800 horses Total fertility is a generation vehicle 14,000 Nm Said. It also emphasizes its & # 39; The benefit of receiving 4 different devices on the range.

When we look at the design of its & # 39; car, we can say that the current construction models are similar, but the face and back sides are amazing. Given that both face and rear LED headlights are provided. We also see that these elevations can be colored to show that there is a tax and vehicle status. Another issue we should mention about the real and advanced wire system is the Rivian R1T. There is a double suspension system and a multi-point suspension system in the back; car. With the elevated position, it can pass through the depths of 1 meter depth. This is a great pass for an electric car.

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R1T also has an OAT (remote renewal), which also has 3rd level devolution driving features. For example, Tesla, a leading company in electric cars, has a & # 39; offers this feature in its vehicles. In this way, the company can contact many things like mobile phones to the vehicles. It has also been announced that the price of the Rivian R1T will be $ 61,500 in the US and delivery will begin in the late 2020s. In addition, the hardware hardware level will be the first to create the largest battery versions.

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Detailed technical details of Rivian R1T:

Battery packs 105 kWh / 135 kWh / 180 kWh

Number of passengers

5 passengers
Motor power 147 kW on each wheel, 800 in total
Torque souim 7,000 Nm at engine 105 kWh and 14,000 Nm at other engines

Values ​​range

368 km / 480 km / 640 km
0-100 km / h calibration kit 4.9 seconds / 3 seconds / 3.2 seconds
0-160 km / u acceleration values 12.5 seconds / 7 seconds / 8 seconds
The fastest highest value 200 km / h
stress 3.470 pg
Weight distribution % 52 /% 48
Evaluation capacity 800 pg
Ableth 5,000 kg
long 5,471 mm
Axle away 3.450 mm
Leith Thiriodh 1.710 mm
wide 2,015 mm (with folded mirror)
height 1.815 mm
Land permit 200 mm / 360 mm (method away)
Right and left angles 34 degrees and 30 degrees
Increase case 1,400 mm long, width 1.385 mm
High water flow 1 meter
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