Electricity provision means cleaner energy and provides the net;


The government agreed to manage self-treatment from renewable energy sources, which it wishes to produce from electricity consumers. It will provide two new types of self-sufficiency, which will no longer be attached to the owner of the tool. It is also a phenomenon of introducing additional energy into a system that is now paid back.

According to the new rule, user communities should also be entitled to self-provision, not just a one-house home or a dwellinghouse or office building.PHOTO: Dreamstime

Minister for Infrastructure Alenka Bratusek he points out that the main benefit of self-sufficiency is the supply, supply and distribution of the electricity supply, from the client only paying the difference.

The governance refers to three types of self-sufficiency. The first is an individual or individual thing, which is possible today. There are new opportunities for self-catering of multiple residential properties and interconnected customers whose measuring points are not linked to the internal installation. For example, individual settlements.

Self-catering will no longer be attached to the owner of the equipment but will also be licensed. However, the other Bratuska novel is to sell energy-generated energy, which is no longer payable, or that an electricity representative is unable to pay.

"In fact the aim remains self-sufficient. It is not about economic activity, but about making electricity for your needs." The Minister said that the size of self-sufficiency facilities would be limited like that.

The government's aim is to increase the number of homes that receive electricity on a self-sufficient basis. "This means cleaner energy and delivering our network," said Bratuskova, saying that people could also bring in electricity and reduce the cost of the bill.

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