Electronic cigarette smoke is the risk for children


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – It is thought that electric cigarettes or light vape the traditional cigarettes used tobacco. This belief makes many parents feel safer when taking vpepe near children. In fact, nicotine in electric cigarettes is as dangerous as traditional cigarettes.

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In the survey by Dr. Jonathan Winickoff, professor of pediatric at Harvard University Medical School and director of pediatric research at the Tobacco Treatment and Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, parents' ignorance about the dangers of smoking cigarettes around children can be very dangerous.

“Parents do that (smoking electronically in front of children) without an understanding of its impact and what the research says about the result (vape)," Jonathan Winickoff said.

Most think that electrical cigarettes produce water smoke. Even though cigarettes don't have a water content out, but the sticky liquid is turning into an aerosol very well with small pieces of breath into the lungs, Jonathan Winickoff explained. .

"Porpoises are relatively high levels of nicotine which is very dangerous for children's brain development, tobacco nitrosamines which contain carcinogenic substances or cancer-causing compounds, and heavy metals that may be spread from heat sores. T cigarettes, "said Jonathan Winickoff.

When someone can say someone near a child, the child may be open to nicotine in three ways. First, the child can dry out air elements that are saturated through vape vagina. Secondly, children may be open to nicotine and other toxins which are left from the vape fluids that are attached to clothes, body and objects.

"Children are like live rags, especially children who are in swimming time, because they will report anything and put their hand in their mouth all the time," said Jonathan Winickoff.

Finally, children can include nicotine through their skin. Because children's skin is thinner than adults, and delicately minted minerals can be taken through the child's skin.

The danger is, considering that it is safer cigarettes and the lighter health risks than traditional cigarettes, the majority use it without thinking in front of children and the environment where children are.

“We believe that parents are using this material to protect children from cigarette smoke. Unfortunately we see it used in a way that was never thought of when they smoked common cigarettes: in front of children, inside a house, in the car, and that is okay. said, "Jonathan Wincikoff said."

So if you could not stop smoking, both tobacco cigarettes and cigarette cigarettes, stopping at least in front of and around children.

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