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Latvenergo starts selling natural gas to households under the "Elektrum" brand. Sales Latvenergo's Director Uldis Mucinieks in an interview with Radio Latvian said that prices are incredible at price, but may be slightly lower than regulated natural gas prices.

We have been working in a natural gas department of the Baltic companies for over a year, serving over 400 companies, "said Mucini.

Elektrum will start selling natural gas to households; Affording a slightly lower priceJanis Ramans

He explained that since 2007, when the natural gas market opened, it has been practicing both users and media when Elektrum offers a natural gas for homes. So nothing else remains to be developed in this guide.

The main "Elektrum" plugins are the chance to pay electricity and gas bills together. This would make the service easier for the user. It also offers a gas coolers service.

"At this time, we look more at the benefits of our offer and the ability to connect two projects.

We can not promise a big outgrown. At the first time, the prices we are going to; also offers, or maybe a little cheaper than the currently available natural natural gas prices, "says Mucini.

Cooper was asked to focus on the company: "Opposition to the position when opening up to our electricity market, we will go into the natural gas market in a slightly different situation, as this is not a market opening where a regulated price is extinct and consumers need to make choices, new decisions.

We go to a market where prices are still managed. Your framework for development is more likely.

We will look beyond the most varied development, gradually. To a large extent, it is important that we can be in this market, gain experience, and to see that we are experiencing; grow slowly, gradually to a degree where there is a tough growth. "

"Elektrum" customers offer a more profitable gas for purchasing it; market. If he was a keen interest, the company could also consider offering a non-Russian gas. However, users with special interests such as this have not appeared.

In the gas market in the enterprise sector, where Latvenergo has been working for a year, the market share of around 3 – 4% has been reached, not well enough, Thinking that Latvenergo is not the same partner.

Mucienieks also said that Latvian's natural gas market in the corporate department is one of the most active activities, despite the fact that the latter was opened.

It has already been reported that the Latvian natural gas market opened on April 3, 2017. To this end, a "Latvijas gāze" gas market monopoly is divided, which is the natural gas processing and storage resources , including Inčukalns storage underground, separated.

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