Elena Kravets from "Quarter 95" confronted the Ukrainians, Zelensky


photographers - Kravets from the fourth 95

photographers – Kravets from the fourth 95

39 ”The main studio actor published" Kvartal 95 "Elena Kravets video with an appealing appeal to the Ukrainians. His video was finally filmed at a charity concert in the Dnieper. On this, on Thursday, 28 February, the report on "Business Media" reports on the studio's official actor "Quarter 95" on Instagram.

"It's the Stadium Zemlyaki-Dnepr !!! we've got an hour ago to tears! Taing, my universe of my love!", – wrote Elena Kravets.

In the comments, the subscribers supported the actor Kravets and expressed the concept of creativity to the whole team of comedians.

"Thank you also Elena. For the incredible feelings and the hope you'll give us!" – wrote Natalia.

"Thank you for everything, we all cried, but they were very happy because they are all people who believe in a clear future, and thank you for, we also believe they added to the video.

"You are the best! We love you, we believe in you! God may give you good health, the strength of all your projects, and the care of you Dears," wrote in their comments.

"And it was good to see you, Lenochka, the son was at your concert for the first time and he said, Mum, so they live … I thought they were created," they added t the video.

Recall, earlier reported that “Kvartal 95” studio actress Elena Kravets had registered a video message for the Ukrainians, asking for money help to manage the Green woman's need for urgent work.

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