Eliana's 1-year-old daughter appears to "" get her decision "and her" # 39; gives a presentation of cutting!


Little Manuela, the daughter of the exhibitor Eliana, had been hitting the networkers on Tuesday (27/11). The girl appeared "invented" in her famous social network portrait.

In the image, the presenter appears in uniform with his daughter on his lap, there is a little bit at his little girl and his daughter; placed on the side of his face. The two are surrounded by composers. While he was & # 39; Share the image, the reporter said: "Manuela gives a few tips from doing with Mendes Òg."

The famous artist, Mendes Òg, presented the same picture in his social networks and published himself to Manuela. "An uncle who laments Manu," said Young.

The websites just praised the cartoon. "Manu is beautiful as her mother," said a seaweed. Another soldier still said, "Wow! Which beautiful girl's daughter! Congratulate!".

Check the Manu portion if you do the following:

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