Elimination of oil prices on Friday – News


According to trading data on November 23, Brent's raw oil contract value in January fell on the ICE Futures exchange in London, 3.80 dollars or 6.1% to 58.80 barrels.

Income January 1 for WTI on Stock Exchange New York (NYMEX) came down $ 4.12 or 7.6% to $ 50.42 barrel.

Last week, it became one of the most impressive levels when Brent lost 12% (WTW) and WTI (9.6%) from the beginning to the weekend.

The price of oil in the morning is changed above.

Brent's petty income began in January on the morning with an increase of $ 0.94 or 1.6% to $ 59.74 in a barrel.

The result for the WTI oil price contract was introduced in January of $ 0.51 or 1% to $ 50.93 barraille.

It is anticipated that this week will be clear how long the market effects of oil marketers are having, as investment banks and hedge funds have closed their jobs last week.

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