Elissa celebrates a concert at El Brouj Theater on November 30


Elissa celebrates a concert at El Brouj Theater November 30 News Naseem In Art Al Fan We will Elissa announces you to celebrate a concert at El Brouj Theater November 30, Elissa will go to her. celebrating a concert at the El Borouge Theater November 30 We Send You Our Visitors Latest News Today through the outbreak we are doing; Concert at the Al Borouj Theater November 30.

Niseem News Elissa plays at the Al Borouj Cultural Theater on Friday, November 30 at 4pm, after the playhouse is refurbished by Elwwy Culturewheel.

The event will be held in conjunction with the Bahia in Egypt Trust, who is interested in helping people with cancer.

– Elissa (@elissakh)

Elissa showed her bizarre cancer with her latest album "To All That Loves Me", a real story about her own life, who had a phone call before and she was talking about a bad illness, cancer chest.

On the other hand, Lebanese singer started preparing for her new register, scheduled for 2019.

Elissa called to her listeners about the happy news and she said that her trip with her 12th record of her career had begun.

Through a tweet she wrote during her account on Twitter, Elissa appeared her first song in her; album, collaborating with Amir Taima producer and singer Ziad Barji.

Elissa said she could not stop listening the song to her; thanking Amir Taima and Ziad Barji.

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