Ellen Mattson: There are mixed feelings – but the views are positive


Ellen Mattson, born in 1962, first made it in 1992 with the novel Nattvandring. Since then, about ten novels have been published, including The Geama Samhraidh from 2016.

In addition to the literary writing, Mattson also writes plays for stage and radio drama. She has also won a number of awards, including the Society De Nios Winter Prize (2009) and Gerard Bonnier (2018).

"The comments are positive"

Ellen Mattson tells the story of a culture that she is honored, but that she feels the same time about the new job.

– It's really fun and I feel honestly on my course. But then I am very concerned and concerned about how this will be linked into my writing. But it should go. There are mixed feelings, but there is a good opinion, it says.

She has carefully promoted developments within the Academy and believes that the continuing changes have been important to her accepting the assignment.

-I think the Academy is as important as I want to live. Everyone agrees that change is necessary and that it seems likely that he will continue and for a long time before, a fact that is necessary for me to say, Ellen Mattson says.

"Great grace for Roman art"

Ellen Mattson says that she does not have any strong plans or ideas as to how her post will be with the Academy. However, she thinks he will go after him.

– I was selected for who I am. I am a reader, a reader. I love Roman art for the prose, which is what I want to add.

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