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10 December, 2018 le Carolyn Fortuna

60 MinutesErratic, ineffective, irresponsible, operaticThis is part of the descriptions used by Leslie Stahl to mention Elon Musk when he appeared on Sunday, 5 December 2018, a piece of 60 Minutes. The CEO Tesla, who has managed to talk to, has spoken. an all-electronic company of profit profits and valuation higher than all device companies except Toyota and Volkswagen, to Stahl about how it works; It's the "worst year" to work it. The debate was a manufacturing cover, Twitter, robotics, and childhood. Importantly, Musk used the likelihood of the main media as an opportunity to compete on how the US has done business – from General Motors to the Security and Trade Commission (SEC).

To understand the knowledge and experience of Stahl and Musk, let's move on what they said and the power of the media to frame the language for specific purposes. In doing this, we can explain the ways in which a C & C; use the Musk to protect them rather than identifying the US industry that is located to guide the world to its; an ultra-electronic transport that is essential to meet the aims of Paris's climate change. Also remember an established reputation as an iconoclast who is very grieved to continue to "CEO template."

Musk as Person & Business Model: One & the same?

"Let me accept you, a bitter problem, as wise people say this is the most clever course."
– William Shakespeare –

60 Minutes, according to the show's website, "is the best American television broadcast in history" and started on the 51st season in September 2018. The planning, design and implementation of each 60 Minutes The program is extensive, and takes many months and costs to transfer the written statement from the line to broadcast. It is interesting to look at the language to draw Stahl on her & # 39; this case 60 Minutes interviewed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk to understand Choosing options for CBS programs, which includes an informed and lasting impact on the listeners from the framework and the questions only.

All elements of the Musk interview were designed in an instant and unambiguous fashion. Each element made a specific account and an explanation of how everyday people are expected to live in and work in today's business. Musk has been a clear deterrent of today's business appearance in the US. By identifying the roots of what media do appear as "normal," we can identify them challenges.

Stahl, as interviewer, presented the statements for the 14-minute interview. The conversation began with Stahl's view that Musk "has begun to work, pretty, weird" over the " last year and move into a question-and-answer conversation about his tweets.

After that, both of them considered Musk away from the position of his chairman on the Tesla board with the SEC and replaced his handwriting, with which Stahl was captured as "a child of a child" .

Then she moved to a vision of Musk's childhood and used as a meter for her own adult as "speed, which was proven to succeed and prove that everyone was wrong." Stahl prepared that Musk "would complain angrily about all the defendants and critics who were foolish for his problem." Be bitter. To review the Tesla financial trip at a very short time of 2018 and then to & # 39; taking place in Tesla on Autopilot, the two were predicted as they were; Model 3 could, therefore, be something to say "Stahl" car to continue to grow, and then put it out for construction. " The interview concluded with a broad overview of scenarios surveys within the Tesla factories and describing the recent business statement.

  • Words that Stahl used to mention Musk in motion: "He has to resign his position as chairman of the Tesla," generation, visual, self-evident, horrible joy, driven by a dream, wild, weird money, a & Unlocking social media, board, is something more than life about Elon Musk, a culture continuation, one of the most successful and successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, built powerful rockets with buildings renewable, and & # 39; deep underground tunnel excavation to deal with traffic congestion, in every case it started. A company, entrepreneurs, who were willing to succeed and everyone wrong, who made a battle last year, complained badly – fortunate, defendants and critics who did; Behaviors for his failure, failed to happen, was a "wow" price; , he would have to deal with complaints about issues within the Tesla factories, there are other concerns, a series of senior managers and engi Outside, a company still has a billions of billions. "
  • There would be words that stahl used Musk in the interview itself: "The company can not live without, very exciting, non-CEO-is, unstable, inexistent, irresponsible, active, tweet enough, you will use the tweet you have to get back to critics. Tweets are circulated, your tweets are not overseen, you will be sent into a watchstep that you visit, as a young child, Grow up in South Africa, happy childhood, pregnant, pregnant, father, how emotionally it is unhappy, so young was not happy, the story is how he organized it and met The production target of 5,000 Modules 3s per week, which Tesla made profits, was almost unsupported by the group, that is how they explain it, casualties without commentary, too many times, misleading situations, weird, drumming, a number of media inquiries and administrators hole, you'll sleep at night. "
  • Words used in response to Stahl statements / queries: "I'm something inspirational, I do not know how to smoke anything, honestly, under an uncertain problem, the system would have failed if I was pretty healthy, I'll , using my thweets for sending me out, Twitter the war area, I do not respect the SEC, I do not respect them, I respect your system; justice, it is not reasonable, I am the biggest, terrible, violent, almost-destructive owner, criticized, accidentally, sad, unfair, an amazing American story, that is the story it should be told, you need to commit their company, a life or a death, a tremendous, handsome effort, they were just a & # 39; counting on this unusual way this situation, there are better people in dealing with situations that are not the case Only a robot, yes; It would be hard for them to make it worse for me, very wild, it's not like a promise, not a strong mistake; , because I'm like – at p we do not mean that I'm uncertain, I did not make a car that was done significantly, the attack was not made by the UAW to attack Tesla was greatly impressed by her. program – to try to activate the company, I do not think that's right, someone doing good quality cars. "

One method of analyzing the frequently used media text is a "content analysis," in which terms are counted and categorized in a qualitative way. It is a very basic analysis tool, but it's a show some exciting start. Include content analysis into the three discussion sections above with description marks, we see the following content results:

Stahl's positive connotation relates to Musk / Tesla: 18

Negative Connotations used by Mush / Muscle / Tesla: 47

Opportunities for responding Musk with advanced signs: 11

Musk negative connotations used in response to Stahl: 26

So, as one hundred pieces of harvest, about 9% of the description of Stahl about Musk / Tesla were the leading signs, and about 72% were essential. Musk is famous for being brutal honest, even when he is about himself, and not for spinning in a normal corporate PR way. In response, Musk responses were 30% positive and 70% negative.

We can be the result of this content review of the CBS 60 Minutes Musk's interview was arranged to install a Musk, a & # 39; describes his position of leadership as he was extremely incredible but usually unreliable, and Tesla was appointed as a US device without losing.

60 Minutes

"The Story that should be said:" Making sense of the bag 60 Minutes Interview

"Not only is it that depends on what you say, but also for what you say."
– Martin Luther –

Our social world is crucial to definitions and interpretation of events, and the language we use to account for these events is capable of converting social life in a variety of ways. Musk and the Tesla Dream have shattered traditional dreams of how business is being done in the US. Electricity, automotive and renewable energy vehicles are eliminating all businesses – and it's a? happening faster than most people. understand. The energy shift is happening in real time, not in some of the future.

Through critical analysis such as this article, we see social and linguistic uses as part of a broader strategy in which social power relationships are established and reinforced through language use. Considering the participative contexts of a minute in a while, we will; study of language exchange within the 60 Minutes section as political expressions and build on their meaning; makes sense that is used to encourage audiences.

60 MinutesUser as a social life: Not only is the focus on consumer societies as a result of the capitalization of the largest economic system in the western world, but also because the characteristic of the economic system is affecting all aspects of social life. Capitalism has changed in the last 30 years and has made major changes in politics, the nature of the work, in education and healthcare, in social and moral values, and in ways- life.

Tesla generally and Musk are especially about the abolition of the US device industry, which is not easily distributed. A California company was set up to get into the top market with a very good sports car, Model S, with a high price aimed at a very narrow target. Then he moved to Model X SUV and, in recent times, increased market demand with the close model 3 sedan, based on the competition. The electric vehicles are marketed through the internet, with mouth words, and through media articles. Importantly, without a negotiation trader, Tesla will include the user through the galleries (sources), which are strategically based in high-quality shopping centers and their & # 39; Invite customers who may be part of their daily work.

Stahl did not recognize that she had no information in her interview, rather than asking Musk in a variety of ways to respond to criticisms' claims.

Elon Musk (EM): "Critically, it has been accidentally and sad and mischievous. Because it was a fascinating American success here. The people All of them work in the daily and evening ass to make it happen. And they believe in the dream. And that's the story that should be told. "

→ Associated: Why is not an American Tesla Exercise Story in Gettin & # 39; No Love

Tesla produces related forces that are a vital threat to the usual US equipment. Tesla has a huge break on the industry of the equipment, and the industry is a growing.

Freedom: Investigate what's "normal" and steps back to, and # 39; focusing on values ​​- in particular, comments on good society and the wellbeing of people and their. to succeed. It is based on the assessment of existing societies and ways of changing them. For example, many people agreed that societies should be just or fair, they should ensure some of their freedoms, and should provide for the specific needs of their members. There are many around the globe arguing that we need to make measures very quickly for climate change in battle. For example, fuel efficiency rates for vehicles (such as the General Corporate Standards on the Brew Economy in the US) can save driver money because the higher cost for a car is more effective than being is arranged with every year of less gasoline wear.

EM: "Tesla's role is to accelerate the advent of electric vehicle adventures. And to provide sustainable transport and try to help the environment. We believe that It is the most difficult problem facing humanity. "

People have very different views about justice, freedom, and use. Tesla's ability has made a fleet of all-electric vehicles to set the example for and to assess what is possible, what is possible, and what should be based on a consistent set of quotas in terms of zero emissions.

Media platform: Analysis of dialectal relationships between translators and other elements or elements, as well as analysis of the relationships within which people are acquainted through language can be analyzed. Multimodal analysis of the different modes varies, including language, visual images, physical language, music, and sound effects – and the appropriate statement is in a time where YouTube is , Twitter and Facebook a & # 39; including standard reading platforms where all electric ties, especially Tesla, are in place.

EM: "It's the only tweets that have to be, look, have to do a review if it was likely to cause movement in stock … I want to be I do not appreciate the SEC. I do not respect them. "

Here is an ideology to come into the picture: explanations and explanations of Tesla's marketing are so interesting, as Big 3's impact in Michigan is to bann Tesla from a "# 39; sold his cars just there. CBS, by suggesting that Musk SEC's security is not simply unsuitable but also essential – a & # 39; maintain strong energy relationships. Tesla puts transport in clean, zero heat, the future of electricity greater than any other company. But we also need leadership from large automotive businessmen who were not electronically born, trying to weaken Tesla's multi-media message.

GM vs. Tesla: Social Conversation Event

Musk decision 60 Minutes There is an interesting interview to make a detailed survey. It was just over the web two or two before the department even started, taking food from Tesla fans as well as hungry media members for All Things Tesla. We have a story coming later in the evening.

60 Minutes

After moving Musk Stahl through the Tesla collection line, the US industry has been given an ambitious producer to both the efficient and advanced audiences.

Elon Musk will be on Leslie Stahl through Tesla electronic car factory. It stretches out with palm to go to # 39; shows a series of the high and vibrant production line while Stahl is & # 39; speak in a voice. Tesla expands, adding to her staff, and General Motors referee said he is A design of about 14.00 workers and unfortunate planting can be stopped. In the background, young color colored men remove Tesla doors from a collecting line.

With the recent reporting of GM about reducing, Stahl Musk and Tesla offered a shorter degree that, Replica, yes, legacy businessmen are disturbing their hands. Transfer to hard electric cars, but Tesla is doing, here is before us. They get so good & # 39; They could save some Detroit production by buying GM plants empty.

The view will turn to an exchange of heads of speech. Musk is away to tap Tesla baseball and he listens carefully to the Stahl question. LS: Would you like to buy some of these plants, these factories? Musk expresses twice before completing her query. Do they shut down? It will be repeated again, twice. You're shaking your head?

EM: We may be interested if they were going to sell a plant or not use it until we were over. He aims again.

60 Minutes

Tesla has fulfilled what many say that it can not be, and now it's a # 39; Invite other businesses to participate in identifying electric vehicles.

The view turns to a helicopter harbor of a GM tower with gold. LS: GM also stated that it doubled its investment in the development of electric cars. And Elon Musk is celebrating. Metal factory girders will shake a frame as it is & # 39; moving a gold car above. Next, we see a red red Chevy Bolts line ready to move from the factory floor. Bolt looks at a white face; complete the screenshot, a significant portable portal. Why do you want to compete?

Some companies move rapidly and innovatively within the business of the equipment, but others are kept in the past. Tesla builds Gigafactories all over the world and its # 39; Turning into a job model for full-of-charge, mobile vehicles.

EM: Tesla's total point comes to electric vehicles (stop) and sustainable transport. He shakes his head from left to right. We are trying to help the environment. Humanity is the most difficult problem.

The Tesla website states that the policy has broken a pattern: "Tesla Motors has been created to accelerate the shift of sustainable transport. We will succeed in creating strong electric vehicles, but then we will add intellectual property land to -stake us to hamper others, we work in a way that is against this goal. Tesla will not have a patent lawsuit against anyone who, with good faith, to use our technology . "

Stahl is now looking longer & # 39; Musk speaks. I'm not sure if you know it, but we opened every patent. So if anyone who wants to use our boxes is used for free. LS: Your patterns are open? Her eyes grow broader and her head; take forward. EM: Yes. If someone is coming and their & # 39; making a better electric car than Tesla, and it's better than us, we can not sell our cars, and we will be bankrupt, I still believe that it is a good thing for the the world.

Final steps

This is not the same 60 Minutes an interview made by the Musk. In 2008, a Muscle program called "The Race for the Electric Car" now known is the definition of the reasons why it's not just a good investment; only electric cars in the future. Then, as it is now, Tesla has acknowledged that there are other companies and that they should do electric cars, and that the world would benefit from ideology general, which is Growing fast, electric cars are essential for a sustainable future.

If only large channels of media like a CBS transmit Tesla are needed to accelerate its ability to make changes to aspects of the environment and life. That is the kind of article that needs to be done – to make the dialectal links between translating and other social elements explicit in terms of the objectives of being done. Judgment not only explains the world but contributing to the change.

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