Elon Musk is a global Starlink international "silver printer" system


Based on which the network researcher Mark Handley writes in the new report, SpaceX's Starlink is likely to have a & # 39; balancing the global network economy and existing network infrastructure. South-West Only one third of the 4,425 – the number of SpaceX sets in an orbit – what might have happened.

This may be Elon Musk's worst selling toolkit, which is likely to cause global economic imbalance - Picture 1.

Starlink satellite tests.

Not yet. Professor Handley expects such a internet to become a "cash machine" despite its benefits. The faster pace, just a few miles, will make a difference in the economy. It can also be compared to network-play, anyone with a lower ping, that person has that opportunity.

Brief description of the whole report by Professor Mark Handley:

He created a Starlink surveyor, based on published SpaceX information. The system will establish a long-distance connection, and send messages in a short time. This is very important for similar banks or companies, who always want to get the fastest information.

They pay a lot of money to set up their own networks to ensure fast dialogue. So, with the first 1,600 SpaceX satailites into space, the income that SpaceX receives is huge.

This may be the worst money machine at Elon Musk, which could bring global economic imbalance - Picture 2.

In modern times, our technology is called High-Frequency Trading (HFT), which uses algorithm to exchange information in just a few dimensions. Each business can benefit from HFT, as information is in power in digital age. From the benefits of individual businesses, HFT evolution was essential in the time where everything changed in a bad eye.

As well as rail, electricity and the internet, HTF has been part of a global infrastructure. Companies will continue to use technology, or to # 39; die. With the arrival of Starlink (or a further internet service provider at a later distance), the disadvantage between people with and without Starlink.

This may be Elon Musk's worst selling toolkit, which is likely to cause global economic imbalance - Picture 3.

And if that is the case, the highest companies are willing to spend the money to get the edge. It is clear that people want a minute to the front line, but no one expects a fair game. According to Professor Mark Handley, only 37% of the 4,425 satellite expected to be installed; First links, market balance is one side.

To get a bigger number, transform the world's shape, SpaceX must also make a huge effort. As well as worrying about & # 39; suppressing extraterrestrial satellites, which have enough room over them, they also have to worry about getting a # 39; make satellites. The 4.425 number is small. After completing the production, SpaceX must launch a satellite to the air again.

But to consider and look at the technology that people know, SpaceX is the most able to do this.

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