Elon Musk is the Start of a Research Group to "Generate News"


Research Group

Today, Elon Musk seems to be famous for his work on SpaceX and Tesla. But on the way, he also worked with the president Y Combinator Sam Altman to co-search OpenAI, a research group dedicated to the acquisition of AI that is in a position; win humanity.

But this weekend, Musk he took to Twitter to confirm that he left his / her group – names a disagreement with a # 39; group.

Fake News

OpenAI made a press release last week when he released a research paper that illustrated a new AI that could create amazing incredible clues – but he did not let it go. A module of full training could be taken out of fear that it could be used to complete the web with "fiction" news. "

"I did not agree with some of the things [the] The OpenAI team wanted to do, "Musk tweeted on Saturday, saying "it was best to be a part of ways to make good words."

Not forgotten

It is not clear whether Musk is maintaining any involvement with OpenAI to & # 39; going on, but confirmed that he had no more instructions or board management. That is very appealing, as Musk has said that AI is scared to be powerful – but the decision for Musk, which is spread across a number of ambitious initiatives, seems to be more about the time management of ideology .

"I had to focus on solving a large number of engineering [and] Tesla's manufacturing difficulties (in particular) [and] SpaceX, "write it in tweet explains leaving from OpenAI.

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