Elon Musk plans to move to Mars


Set SpaceX (and many other companies) Elon Musk He then said he was going to Mars. According to the statements made by Musk in recent years, it was not clear whether he was really thinking. The way to interview for the Axios documentary on the HBO channel, when he explained that he was 70% of chance to go to Mars very wellSouth Westerly

It also showed that recent progress has been made, making travel the place much easier. As he said in the past, his trip will be one-way, as he wants to move to Mars for a long time.

Musk wants to move permanently to Mars.

He asked if Mars would like to turn to a special place to move the world, he said "no" is based. He says that Mars is likely to be much greater than the likelihood of Earth. Their first occupants should be in a position; planet will continue to work to create its "first" basis, so much time will not be left for normal life or rest.

Even after raising its & # 39; The first "center" in which people can live, life issues may be difficult. So the appearance of death would still be highAfter-time at SpaceX they think people can come back from Mars, but they are not sure. According to this description, Mars does not appear to be the destination for the richest people who wish to enjoy the joy of life.

You may probably ask why someone would like to go to Mars at all. The same question was asked by the inter-speaker Elon Muska in the interview, and he replied that he would certainly leave it, saying that this is similar to climbing to the tall roofs. Criminals, but people do it anyway.

In 2022, it was said that a cargo of two cargo ships were delivered to Mars.

Due to its confidence, there are some important reasons. In SpaceX's The Starship (formerly BFR), Musk has a lot of hope. In 2022, a cargo of two goods boats was delivered to Mars to be the first source of electricity and food. By 2024, the planet should be ready for its first residentsSouth Westerly

On the other hand, Musk plans are not always the plans, but we are sure that the coordination of Mars is just too much time.

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