Elon Musk said the output of his Outcome Company was on December 18


The Conservative Company's tunnel near Los Angeles will open a little behind the time, but Chief Executive Elon Musk announced Thursday that there would be more than just a hole in the ground.

"The launch of the Conservative Company's product on 18 December. More on the tunnel opening. It introduces modest legal but devolution legal transport cars and the increase of tunnel carriage," Tweeting muscleSouth Westerly

In October, a Musk tweeted that her & # 39; The first tunnel of the Conservative Company was ready for use on 10 December, but he did not indicate that the transport cars and the superintendents were also shown. It is unclear whether the tunnel and cars will be used for their public or if this is just a proof.

The tunnel that appears at the 18 December event will cover about 2 miles, a & # 39; Start near the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne bank in Los Angeles. The company also works on plans for a tunnel near the Dodger Stadium, known as the Dugout Loop, which would Provide fans from nearby bypass to the stadium.

The company faced one of its major problems in November after local groups attacked the Los Angeles town for a Deleting a Conservative Company tunnel project from environmental regulations. After that, their drowning company agrees to plan their plans. withdraw that project, which would be made up of a 2-mile page, this time under Los Angeles.

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For a company that started "dressed," a Musk tweet on Thursday makes his brothers on Los Angeles traffic buses more likely to be the truth.

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