Elon Musk says he plans to move to Mars


Elon Musk named that there is a good chance to go to Mars personally on one of the spaceships before his death.

And although he acknowledged that there is a huge risk of achieving his / her; He said he has a keen interest to be part of any of these initiatives.

The founder of Tesla, 47, said that there are several millions who are interested in visiting the & # 39; Red Planet, though he said Some people think this journey is fascinating, but it's upset, because some time and free life on Mars is very tough.

Musk in an interview with Axios on HBO said he had been very bad in his words, and he did not even have it. Output to & # 39; s ability to move to this planet, even to # 39; understood that "Mars is likely to die much larger than Earth"

The businessman explained that this trip could be possible in about seven years, that is, for the year 2025, plus the price of "about one hundred thousand dollars", which is not available to anyone.

Elon warned that those who are thinking about this trip are going to go to # 39; Have a lot of fun experience absolutely wrong, because those who make the trip work without going to; stop to build the center, and so it does not have much time for recreation.

SpaceX aims to make its first freight transport goal to Mars for the year 2022. The aim is to identify the availability of water resources, identify the key risks and install the infrastructure that will provide energy .

The second mission, which is already with the crew and its # 39; charger, was planned for 2024, although some of the plans for Mars have been converted to criticism with some of the scientific community, as NASA said August this year that lives in & # 39; planet The technology that is available today is virtually impossible.

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