Elon Musk says he tells what he wants Twitter after burning


A series of thweets that put Tesla Motors at a financial risk and a & # 39; cost. Position of office as president of the company. But it does not seem to be in care.

Elon Musk seems to be becoming more generous. First he says that you want to move to Mars; although he may have killed himself in the attempt. And now he says that no one does full-time for him how he will use his / her; Twitter account.

The idea is that someone in the background agrees what you can publish and what can not It's unfortunately unfortunately After that movie for a tweet, which put a financial risk Tesla Motors; and that he spent his position as chairman, he was regulated as a habit of that social network.

Tesla Motors elon Musk

But not in an interview with the people of the town CBSElon Musk revealed that he is still controlling and free of charge over all who is led by him; published in his account:

The only tweets that we have to be, do we say, "revised" would be the ones that would allow them to move in the tasks [burs√°tiles de Tesla Motors].
In addition, I say & Hello, First Amendment & I will use my thweets for expressing me. Some people use their hair to see themselves, I'll go to it; using my Twitter

Musk means that the social network is like "war zone"; but he describes his & # 39; Freedom of expression should have a First Change to & # 39; announces what he wants to the stage.

Well, Elon Musk seems to have not changed well.

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