Elon Musk says that Modal 3 is represented near Tesla


CEO Tesla, Elon Musk, said how close his company came into the Axios interview which was broadcast on HBO Sunday night.

"Tesla was very seriously threatened by the Model 3 product ramp," said Musk.

He said that his company was "crazy as cash," and the money was moved to the place where it was "single-digital weeks" away from falling.

The Chief Executive reported that he worked seven days a week on both sides of the production. "I worked in the paint shop, a general meeting, the company's shop," he said.

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He suggested that the hours were not good for his benefit. "No one should then enter the job, this is not good," explained Musk.

You can check the current that the Module 3 product ramp caused here:

Musk has talked about the illness caused by Tesla to " make up her Module 3, and her; Stay all night at the office and try to go to the office; sleep without help from sleeping pills.

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