Elon Musk says that you can change the world working 80 hours a week


Tesla Elon Musk's Chief Executive says he knows how many times a week you need to work to change the world, and there is not a small number.

"Places are easier to work, but one has never changed the world 40 times a week," he said in a tweet, after SpaceX, Tesla, Conservative Company and Neuralink can be places where you "do something you are."

When a customer is asked in detail how many times; a man had to work a week to change the world, he said there were 80 stable numbers, with peaks over 100 at times.

"The rate of penalty increased above 80," he said.

The ideas came just a day after Axios interview interview with Musk on HBO in which he claimed that Tesla only spent weeks of financial ruin while he was hardworking and trying to spend a while. Continue to create the Model 3 sedan.

"The company was giving us money as crazy, and if we did not solve these problems in a short time, we would die", said Musk , who had been familiar with sleeping at his factory, in the interview.

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