Elon Musk's purpose is for 2019 already: a Tesla truck


Put your gates

Elon Musk was given a lot to talk about the last days of this year. He has already shown that no person has control over it use your Twitter account and now it seems that he has been plotting plans Tesla Motors for 2019.

The story is a bit of time. But everything has shown that a & # 39; The company is ready to show its first prototype 100% electric electric truck.

We know from that Musg long ago He spoke publicly about that project. At that time he built an estimate time for his gift of the carriage and that time has already been fulfilled.

Many people were not surprised when the following message was posted on their official Twitter account:

It seems to be really true then. For 2019, we will see the first Tesla Motors Tile. That's if the company has a & # 39; maintains healthy finances and Musk does not restart his account again Twitter.

Typically this new model looks like a & # 39; building new laboratories for Tesla.
Like many doubts about the features and functions of the truck. Perhaps the route is more surprising.

What would you like to install Uncle Elon Musk to your Tesla pickup?

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