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Le Treena Mielke

Tricia Peden and Keira VanderVliet, speakers from Turning Point, Red Deer's Reduction Group, have an informative and depressing show about drugs, focusing on fentanyl and opioid emergencies.

The exhibition was held at the Church of Rimbey United, following a poverty supper supported by Rimbey of Amnesty International Chapters on Sun. November 18 and there were about 25 people present.

VanderVliet, which introduced into the use of large drugs before making it possible to turn his life around and help someone else, drug use that affects families and communities.

"Indeed, it's in your garden back."

Fentanyl, a drug that was widely considered in the 90's for use in removal care, is now cheap, easy to reach and a hundred times stronger than morphine or heroin, said the representatives.

They noted that it only gives one grain of fentanyl for a high user and, Two greas could be enough to do excessiveness.

Pre-seal signs include slow, indirect respiration, clean body, pale skin and clammy and blue eyeglasses, bills and tongue. Other signs are thrown or thrown down; hitting, spreading and sending. Expressed to promote pain.

Anyone who comes to a person who suffers to suffer a 911 telephone preface, to stay calm, should be at # 39; Provide rescue breath and Naloxone guidance if available, the indicators said.

The man threw a cold rain into water, warned them.

Naloxone facilities, free of charge and capable of replacing the pre-seals of opioids such as fentanyl, can be available to those present.

People use materials for a variety of purposes. These may include to & # 39; A good feeling, due to a disorder, as a means of dehydration, and / or escape about families and mental health issues.

Adhere to the Turning Points philosophy to help with drug-related issues and among homeless people, leave boxes for hands that are used calmly, heavy socks, scarves and coats was established at the Rimbey Library and Neighborhood Center. These items will be taken to Turning Point and will be distributed to people on the street with employees at their fuel reduction group.

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