Emergency: The Middle Bank shows a fascinating wonder for millions of Egyptians about the "dollar"!


The Central Bank of Egypt said in the statement that the rural net supplies in Egypt reached around 44.5 billion dollars at the end of October, represents a slight increase compared to the previous September, where the last cash reserve in the last September is $ 44.4 billion.

The current cash reserve in the Central Bank is obviously the highest in the history of the country, as there were no 44.5 billion dollars in Egypt in a reserve fund, which according to & # 39; The middle bank announced earlier this week.

It is indicative that recent and recent Egyptian foreign resources have increased significantly since the arrival of Tariq Amer as a Central Bank regulator in October 2015 and did not left only two times in July 2016 and October 2016.

The main bank stated that at the end of June, there were 92.64 billion dollars at the foreign debt of Egypt, up 17.2 per cent annually.

Some financial and business experts confirm that the increase in the Bank's cash reserve could be a " Central Europe is a great news for citizens, especially because this means that the Egyptian economy has embarked into a revival, We may expect the dollar to go to; fall in the future.

In a separate context, the recent Frankfurt Bank official wells have said that a meeting will be held on November 15 within the Financial Policy Committee; Central Bank, to consider changing interest rates in investing and loans in Egyptian banks.

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