Emeritus Professor of the National University of Kangwon Min Kyung-Kuk "When will I remember the value and place of a free market economy" | Economy


"Many years ago, there was growing awareness that polarization, poverty and unemployment were the result of independence. However, the current government, which influences it. T 1. Why should he describe Liberty in the form of wax, polarization and sluggish?

On the 13th, Professor of the Donghwa Building in Yeouido, Seoul, he is emeritus professor in economics at the Kangwon National Economist, representative Liberal University of Korea. After retiring in 2016, the Professor Min, focused on debating and writing activities, spent a lot of time with young people like college students. This is the first lecture to be opened by opening a talk program with the title & # 39; Academy of Liberty Economics Philosophy for Min Kyung Kuk.

He will pay attention to the Liberal economic philosophers who reign with Liberalism and launched since the 18th century, including Adam Smith, David Hume, Manuel Kant, and Friedrich Hayek through ten speeches. He also has a controversial debate with social and flaming philosophers such as Karl Marx and Jean Jacques Rousseau. The first day was the inspiration for the religious philosophy of Isaiah Berlin and the political vision of Bang Jazan Kongstant.

Professor Min reintroduced this theme because some people believe that "freedom" and "market" are dying out in Korea and are coming to become a symbol of celtic Celtic balance. He says, "The bad idea is that freedom has gone round the advanced camps." The government introduced "freedom" from the "Liberal democracy" said in history books and tried it out. contents have changed the Constitution. "He said Professor Min," As the work of the government market grows, the rules are strengthened and the effects of low growth are coming. " T

"It's dangerous to get Liberalism to be the cause of every economic crisis," he said. "There is no reason to believe that the global finances are the result of indebtedness, or that entertainment can lead to poverty, poverty, and potion." The US submarine mortgage crisis, which has underpinned the global financial crisis, is the result of a low-interest US independent rates policy to provide low income and low income households. However, the ideas for developing low The government also said it built up minimum wage and that it was strengthening the labor market, saying the government is increasing the income of low-income people. In other words, taking full action is not a detrimental effect on the free market economy and too much government intervention in the market.

Professor Min said, "It is terrible that expansion in market intervention continues to vegetation and ultimately to the situation as Venezuela."

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