Emilio Monzó, who was elected president of the Committees, sent a message to Cambiemos: "I'm a thread advocate" – 12/12/2018


With a shared recommendation between the governing party and the challenge, the deputy representative for government Emilio Monzó He was unanimously elected as president of the Chamber of Committees for his fourth term. "I'm applying the political thread," he said in a message to his & her; Casa Rosada, who had been using paths.

Frigerio is present in the election of MPs, Foto Diego Díaz

Frigerio is present in the election of MPs, Foto Diego Díaz

Without the presence of Elisa Carrió in the places that stood up for a war with the Government, he also added differences to Monzó- and in front of the Interior Minister, Rogelio Frigerio, and his interest Sebastián García de Luca , in a box, Monzó was agreed with every block, but only the left to his left.

As he expected his last term: he will not Competition for another mandate and even doubt that there is no continuity in Change.

"I feel proud as a politician and I think this is marked and what I am doing; struggle to do every day, "he said, he moved visually, Monzó when he was sitting on his stand.

As a major political issue in the Parliament, Monzó held special differences, especially with Marcos Peña, for decisions from the Government that he would have to re-engage in the " Transport and its "running" feeling from the small Government record, which brought forward its decision to renew the case.

In this context, his words were read in response to the Rosada: "I'm applying the political thread because it's really human. The conversations we are almost Almost all of our lives are permanent and so In the trust of trust it will be created to achieve agreements, laws and bring forward a country and This is not done online, with the networks, but in a personal way"He said.

Monzó was praised President of the Chamber with the president of Mario Interrique de Cambiemos, Mario Negri. "Emilio is in line with the fundamental conditions that are essential and crucial to working with the complexity of this room, where most of us are not, as an executive," said the radical and stressed the "patience and respect"Control the temperature of the blood and the many vision of the blocks".

Then, he marked the opposition, for the purpose of the speeches heard during the session. "We are a pro-government and we have to do everything that this Congress may have as often as possible of sessions," he said. Now, boys, not a factory that wants us to make sweets … The duty is to do so; challenge the challenge too. And many times I can find out that their passion is not; provoke us to violence. "

The former government called Alvaro González, calling for his word to congratulate Monzó, said: "It's great to be happy, we are happy to be our people. , we are angry, we are arguing, we are politicians, and in that sense we are facing, and I take responsibility, to be the government A place where many people do not want to stay. Well, I am one of the people who want you to stay. You gave a lot in these four years, you can give much more"He said.

Agustín Rossi in the election of MPs,. Foto Diego Díaz

Agustín Rossi in the election of MPs,. Foto Diego Díaz

The fpV-PJ also linked to Monzó with its & # 39; his vote. The leader of that block, Agustín Rossi, from Monzó recognizes his "political and personal characteristics", "his efforts to make his work work in the best way" and "to heal kindly ".

On the other hand, the Argentine Army block leader, Pablo Kosiner, opposed the distinguished differences between Monzó and the Government and thought that "if the Government was sometimes listening a little more to the deputy headteacher Monzó, many things could be sorted out ".

The leader of the massista battle, Graciela Camaño – also promised that her final message was rector – which emphasized "having been a member of the governing party" had been established "in the teaching The human rights of the human as axis are central and bring closer to us ".

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