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The Sharjah Book Fair participates in a & # 39; celebrating the Gold Jubilee Gold International Book Festival, the most important cultural event in the Arabian region. This year marks fifty years of culture and creativity. To establish cultural and knowledge connections with different Arab and international cultures.

The Sharjah Book Authority reflects the culture, flags and symbols of Egypt. A group of writers, psychologists and Egyptian publishers who knew the largest cultural experience in Sharjah was hosted and learned about the cultural and historical features of the Sharjah Cultural Project. International Sharjah Book Fair, Sharjah Child Reading Festival and the role of Sharjah City Publishing, the first free publishing town in the world.

HE Ahmed Bin Rakad Al Ameri, Chairman of the Book Books Authority of Sharjah, stressed that the links between UAE and the Arab Republic of Egypt are fraternal and have deep roots and historical roots, saying that the exchange of knowledge and culture between the two good country and show always humanitarian value. With lots of content and valuable knowledge.

Al-Ameri said that the Commission's participation in the 50th Cairo International Book Fair shows its vision of His Majesty Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Chief Executive and Governor of Sharjah, is seeking to strengthen Arab cultural relations to address the world of humanity and civilization in the world. This cultural event has been the leading beginner in the field of cultural activity and has set out clear literary models that will help to strengthen the literary and creative world of the Arab world with many of the jobs basic.

His Majesty said that our presence today is to look at the Egyptian culture at best times to become partners in a & # 39; write a new chapter of the cultural works. It is also a great opportunity to inform our partners and partners from different departments working on the project. And the future of a Arab culture.

Commission pavilions saw a series of visits to a number of official figures and clans of cultural organizations and writers, writers and interesting intellectuals from different countries in the Arab world. B & # 39; The most important of them is Juma Mubarak Al-Junaibi, Tosgaire na State to Egypt, HE Mohamed Rashad, President of the Union of Arab Publishers, Chairman of the General Book of Egypt Group and Abdo Said, President of the Egyptian Publishers .

The Arab League is honored to host the Golden Jubilee this year. It is also a & # 39; respected Dr. Tharwat Okasha, Minister of Culture of the Egyptians, and Dr. Adhbeh Suhair Al-Kalmawi, is a general cultural figure, and brings together 169 publishers from 35 countries around the world.

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