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Within the framework of a cultural season under the theme "Zayed: the memory of the people and the identity of the country", the Union of Writers and Literature UAE competed on the national day held in the Union Union Theater branch National in Abu Dhabi yesterday. An evening was attended by the poets Sameh Kawash, Binn Meshaal Amr, Najat Al-Faris, Najat Al-Dhahiri, and Teral Preamble, director of media Mariam Bouayman Naimi.
On the boundary of the festival, its Federation organized a three-piece art workshop, and The first reading of the Baba Zayed story, which includes a simple biography of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, which was given by Samah al-Saba of the Arab House project. Third part: A painting with the title "Mural in Love of the Emirates", presented by the artist Salma Al-Bann, was on. The results of their workshops have been delivered at the show. The technology will last for a week.
Mohammed Shuaib Al Hammadi, Chairman of the Union of Writers' Union of Directors in Abu Dhabi, said: "We are part of society and the equivalent tools. of society. As well as organizing a poetry festival, where the Alliance maintains the meaning of poets from members of the union who work and partners as an extension of the succession of the generations to the celebratory continuity of the national event that is expensive on our hearts, and the diversity of activities between children on the one hand and adults on the other.
The night was opened by the poet Meshaal bin Amr, where he sang his Nabataean poems, the glory of the UAE and his wise and martyrdom of the country, and read the poem "biography of glory", which who says at first:

Cum up Al Alla Kaddam
All of it from the simplest actions you did
Moit Raffi with flap banners
The heavens are full of glory
He has made you rich, O tribe of the victims
And beauty to Jalk

The poem was read by the poet Talal Dalajah, "Banais na Martraich", who is ending with the sentence:

Emirates Land Attic Parade
Neo-listeners in the war and in hard
We need you, my country, spring on our hearts
And delivered from losing and attackers
Behold, we built a powerful union for him
With his men in the clean city

The poet Najat Al-Dhahiri participated in the poem "Rifaat Hobak" in which she sang the love of science, in recognition of pride and respect.

From the green soul to the white line
From red to black ink
You raised your love to Israel
From the height, there is a backbone on it
And the hair of my hair, and also Sariti
If it brings joy, my country is my hair

Sameh Kaouash reads a poem in love with the Emirates saying at first:

Emarat argues all the time
The sections of culture and development
Thinking about changing
And offer offers Mohammed Shams
Here's the story about Azz House
For God's leader faces

The poetry night ended with the participation of the poet Najat Al-Faris with a song entitled "Seven Satellites" that she gave to the valuable Emirates for forty years.
There were seven troops / light fills / Sanabel / and singing / Lower Ya Zabia / How did you know the sand / life meaning? / How did you learn the darkness / disappear / when did the brother? / The rookies / and the origin / protection of the night drills / rivers of love / prayers / prayers / for free / unified / as Nham speeches / in the middle of space / free- Galiti life.

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