Emirates will pay more awards Weekend TTR


DUBAI, November 19, 2018: Emirates has won three leading qualifications for the commercial and private sector, as well as being known as the Airline Long Haul Best – Middle East and Africa.

The air was used by the prestigious Future Travel Experience (FTE) 2018 Asia Awards, which was held in Singapore at the weekend, and at the Awards Excellence Awards 2019 AirlineRatings.com.

At the FTE Asia Awards, Emirates fully-classized rooms are at the top of the information that traveled in Western Asian horns to improve the "Best Consumer Display Initiative" award in the share & # 39; Up in the Air.

The award in this section identifies related campaigns to the & # 39; The most adventurous influence on the passengers.

The new election platform was named Emirates VR for "Best Consumer Support Initiative" in the section On the Ground, which identifies initiatives that enhance the experience of passengers on the ground .

AirlineRatings.com's name & # 39; Airline Long Haul Airline – Middle East and Africa by AirlineRatings.com long & # 39; her daughter, a entertaining system, a global award winning a & # 39; award winning & Best Inflight Entertainment & # 39; for the next three years in the same website for safety and measurement of the world.

Emirates also started one of the top airline airlines for Airline 2019 by AirlineRatings.com in conjunction with the Excellence Airline Awards.

The airline has been a business indicator in crop innovation for years and influencing long-distance travel, offering over six continental buyers with unambiguous travel. Last year, the product development flights were launched on its Boeing 777 and A380 plane – bringing the A380 Onboard Lounge outlet, Boeing 777-300ER Private Class and cabin private Business Classes and a new Business Class cabin on its Boeing 777-200LR plane.

Emirates was the first one that was introduced into privately distributed private categories, and this is part of the multi million millions of dollars. company. With sliding slopes on the floor to the top and the sophisticated design features inspired by Class S Mercedes-Benz, Emirates & Boeing 777 suites are equipped with; captivity and privacy to the next level. These spacious, fully enclosed private rooms are designed in a 1-1-1 arrangement, which offers up to 40 square feet of each personal area.

On the ground, Emirates is also the first ferry company that incorporates VR online technology on its digital platform by sending it up to date. launching its 3D seating models on emirates.com. It's a 3D design tool in its & # 39; 3D satellite model that shows a 360 degree 3D scene inside the Emirates A380 and Emirates Boeing 777, and & # 39; allowing users of their seats, the big cab and the on-board service to explore Emirates before traveling on South-

FTE Asia Awards, which are part of the FTE Asia EXPO 2018, focus on recognizing excellence on users and their clients; Awarding the biggest campaigns that use online and fly-in customers from the last 12 months.

Seven editors review the Airline AirlineRatings.com Airline Excellence Awards with over 200 years of business business. It will comprise key safety and government inspections, with 12 key criteria that are in place; including: fleet age, profits of passenger reviews, investments, product contributions, and employee relationships.

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