"Emosido cheated": Look at the best memories of the resurrection leaving Juan Gabriel


Joaquín Muñoz, the old manager of the singer Juan Gabriel, it created a movement during 2018 after it revealed that the "Divo de Juárez"-That he's alive.

He was not happy to send such a dish; Named, the former producer stated that the interpreter "Noah Noah"He was preparing to return to the stage. The date? this Saturday, December 15.

The truth was quickly displayed in various news releases. Especially when the evidence revealed that the singer – who died in 2016 – was hiding somewhere around the world.

WhatsApp sound recordings and backbacks They were enough to make us all look forward to returning.

And let's wait: it was hoped for a minute that Juan Gabriel was alive.

Those who, worried, even had a Facebook event to exile in Plaza Italia during the night before returning.

However, they were waiting in secret. There was a lot of saying about the fact that nothing happened last. The Mexican star did not return in glory and majesty, which spread thousands of players worldwide.

According to Muñoz, this was due to "re-registration", since the new date of the date of Juan Gabriel's resignation is: January 7, the date on which the artist from Ciudad Juárez would & Turnout 69.

But no, there is still a part of the day and maybe more than one surprise we give.

For now you can review the memories of the resurrection Juan Gabriel left:

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