Employee Group; Myung Bin Song Collectors Group & # 39;


SEO, South Korea (AP) – A spokesperson for the organization, Mark Myung-bin, 50, was found to have been suspected of being attacked.

According to police and fire, there were residents who built the building in the building behind Ilsan, Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, about 4:40 am.

A song was already killed when 119 paramedics arrived.

The police found six pounds of suicide in his home which were likely to be left behind.

The self-defense note said the family was sad and the police officer said they were correct.

It was thought that a song would be asked of the suspects before they were captured in the south of Seoul.

A song was launched on 12 November last year for an attack on regular workers A.

Since then Song has been shown a video of the attack on Mr A, which was dismissed.

The police sent for guarantees to arrest the 7th for speculative attack charges, terrible damage, fear, fear, fear, rest, etc., and the procurator fiscal placed an arrest on his 11th.

The police check the exact location by analyzing the closed round trip (CC), etc., T Considering that Song has fallen on the 12th floor of his home.

At the same time, as Song, it is expected that the Police will have an impact on the Song.

Song, "I am sorry to hear that Song has been killed through police station west Ilsan," said a police officer at Gangrose police station in Seoul.

The officer said, "We'll issue a complaint soon and there is a belief that you shouldn't have the right to go after the suspect's death."

Song is the expert in digital destruction systems, written in 2015, The Forget the Right to Be Forgotten, and introduced the concept "the right to be forgotten". the internet.

You should have forgotten the & # 39; the right of an information agency to appeal to providers of information providers, such as portfolios, information about the erasure or disclosure of disclosure.

Mr Song has developed and patented digital diesel technology (DAS: Digital Aging System) online and has "forgotten" right online through a group of markers.

(Image: Yonhap News)

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