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Three Deputy Chief of Rosario Central, Marcelo Facciano, received this Wednesday morning a violent attack in his commercial buildings of Captain Bermúdez. For the director they tied him, hit him and stole about 10 miles and other valuable things.

The police sources identified that three armed books were introduced at about 10 a.m. at maxiquiosco and the director's library.

At risk and after a fire had been directed, Facciano gave out his money in his possession but was not enough for the offenders, who they tied him a hand and a hand to steal things and other money.

They sent out his phone and more money than the shop. At the same time, criminals They broke and hit it until they got rid of the place.

The program happened when the head of Rosario Central was ready to travel to Mendoza for a game that will be played for a & # 39; final of Argentine Cup.

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