Energy suppliers are still not away from Slovakia


The number of appropriate electricity and gas suppliers in Slovakia is sustained over a long period.

The Office for Network Management Industries (URSO) is not yet to register the interest of other providers to stop its & # 39; their activity on the Slovenian energy supply market. Even though a number of powerful power providers have already reported several times, to increase the high prices of electricity and gas on world markets, they expect other providers to go away from the Slovak market. "The Office does not know that some other energy suppliers will come to an end in Slovakia. The fact is that the number of appropriate electricity and gas suppliers in Slovakia has been sustained over a long time," said The speaker for ÚRSO Radoslav Igaz added to Energetike's port .sk.

Against the regulator's statement, at the current rising momentum in world energy exchange prices, he has implemented his regulatory devices privately in current prices. Therefore, regulated units do not understand the decent and optional costs to ensure that there is a better price for Slovak housing, which will equally be equitable to partners; market. "We fully support the competitive and market environment in Slovakia. In compliance with the effective legislation of Slovakia and Europe, we do not establish a fixed electricity or gas price to the provider, the biggest price! It can not go over. But, all providers can offer lower prices in their market competition, "said Igaz.

In addition to three traditional providers (ZSE Energia, SSE and VSE), there are currently 18 international commercial providers and a number of other regional providers working in Slovakia. In a gas case, there are 21 gas providers with all-Slovenianis abilities and 19 gas providers in the gas supply for their local distribution networks.

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