Engine business: Mahindra tractors started in Tizi-Ouzou


Tizi-Ouzou will soon be in the home where the first Mahindra tractor is collected. Indeed, the single-party (Eurl) company LD Azouaou under Algeria law and the Mahindra Mahindra Indian group LTD agreed the Sabbath in Tizi-Ouzou to create a joint venture for the collection of agricultural tractors.

Signed by LD Azouaou, Chief Executive Lahlou Azouaou and Mahindra and Mahindra International Operations Officer, Arvind Mathew, of this agreement to establish an administrative and legal framework for creating a & This company is held at the LD Azouaou headquarters unit for the Mahindra agricultural tract collection, located in the Oued Aissi industrial zone.

According to this understanding, its Indian partner will continue to play a part of a minority language while & LD Azouaou played a majority part, it was explained. Mr Azouaou explained that this Mahindra campaign will strengthen its presence in Algeria and will allow LD Azouaou to collect the assembly unit. Getting out and going to do it; Invasive markets invade, efficiently and effectively, especially North African and European markets. .

For his, Mr Arvind, who has returned to his company; which is present in 40 countries, selling over 330,000 tractors per year across the world.

In Algeria, where she was present since 2010, there are 32 communications points for the same company for commercial and retail services and 3,200 users, he said.

Ask about & # 39; joining this tractor collection unit with an annual production capacity of 3,000 tractor at the beginning of its activity and with a production line of related materials with a capacity of 2,700 units / year, the Business and Minerals Director identified that the The induction authority is delivered by the main services that are "LD Azouaou" without any doubt.

He encouraged him that there was no impediment to completing this project in less than two years. "The procedure for issuing its license to enter the production is well maintained and in accordance with the information that has been reported to us this problem will be re to make a mistake suddenly, "he said.

LD Azouaou CEO said this authority is expecting "from May 2017, to be able to go into representation and to help build the agricultural sector workforce level in Algeria and improving product output and output in this section ".

He reminded that this unit creates an implementation cost of over 2.5 billion AD, 225 direct jobs at the beginning of the product.

(with APS)

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