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Why is it named?

Looking more than a platform of text innovation to & # 39; let you stay ahead of your competition. That's just what you get through stretching to T.EVO – which will give a new revitalization on the rapid development of today's dynamic texts section.

The main advantages of T.EVO:

  • A printed edition every quarter delivered to the door
  • Unlimited online access to all news and news from T.EVO
  • Unlimited online access to all featured T.EVO content
  • Unlimited online access to digital back-up issues of T.EVO
  • Technical news online, comment and study
  • Special interviews and text presentation reports
  • Weekly news magazine round of major developments
  • A significant reduction on all MCL Global publications

You will learn about:

  • The latest advances in polymer & fiber technology
  • Innovative active innovation for performance tools
  • The opportunities that are increasing digital printing and 3D texts
  • How therapeutics can re-draw the boundaries of text technology
  • New border text coloration borders
  • Making a vital new generation of text tools
  • Introducing a power electrode to transmitted texts
  • It will increase in work, military and medical devices
  • Common materials and active endings
  • Search that is constantly changing games and new text patterns

This is all from MCL Global – the fastest growing international expressions of contemporary texts – which is now in place; offers a special insight into today's textual business on how today's business will look tomorrow.

In print, online and mobile device formats.

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