England: If you can retire, the NFL would go to the different attacker


Bold plans for the future Harry Kane, England's national team and Troptenham Hotspur battler: they'd like to try the American professional football league (NFL).

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The 25-year-old thinks it is not impossible to replace European football after the end of her football career with an American football member.

'I think. "Last 25-year-old football championship of last year's World Championship," said US TV channel. "It is something I want to try in 10-12 years."

He also said that he wanted to be a great athlete as a memorial to people and not just a footballer.

Kane said she already had friends in American football. After this year's Super Bowl, he was personally acquainted with the winners of New England's Patriots, Tom Brady, who had previously been social media contacts.

"Our trip was like," he said, praising that they both made sure they were younger. "Not many people thought it would be so good, or they could play at the NFL, and became one of the best."

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