England vs match match (21h00 on 18/11): Battle of life and death


England vs. Croatia just attacked the Three Master masters, but in a positive game to the top of the UEFA League Nations Nations League Group in Group A, everything can happen.

Battle of life and death

In the last game, England had been successful in winning 3-0 at home against the United States. It was a game; Gareth Southgate 's coach launched a series of young players, including a & # 39; The first star for the national team is to be spent. However, the three were still blocking the opponents and were very successful on their mission. win the game.

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It is in good shape

There was a disturbance over the United States to help England to & # 39; expanding the dramatic series recently. The last four games, the ones that are not left, include 3 a & # 39; win. In this series, the teacher Gareth Southgate has been clean three times. Despite the ongoing disaster in the English league, the line is below and, help turn the Three Lions into advanced results.

Tonight, there is a game in England against Croatia at home. England vs. Croatia just attacked the Three Master masters, but in a positive game to the top of the UEFA League Nations Nations League Group in Group A, everything can happen.

A few days ago, Croatia had a successful revenge against Spain. After 0-6 went to Spain, the stripper Carlo 3-2 hit the ground with Jedvaj's aim in an extra time. Results of Croatia vs Spain Making Nations League Group Table 4 is more attractive than ever.


At the moment, Spain has six points behind four, with a few in England and Croatia with smaller points. Wembley has only one match between England and Croatia. If the team wins their game this evening, they will be sure to get the main place. Tickets for League League cousins ​​will be held next summer (for the top four of list A). The team needs to go back to Class B.

4th Division of England vs. Croatia A League Nations Nations

England vs Croatia Group A 4 A League League Nations

In the case of England and Croatia to come together, Spain will be at the top of the page; board, the 2018 World Cup and World Cup certainly will not want this to happen. In the second turn of the 0-0 game. If England is to Croatia without a visit, Spain will be on top of it; board, England's second place and Croit must resign. On the other hand, if WObley's witching page is matched, England will be discharged by law, if the two points are marked, the points involved in co-operation will be considered, direct arrangement.

With the benefit of & # 39; Building home at a high level, England will definitely watch the tickets to the VCK League of Nations next summer. Sure Gareth Southgate will attack her & # 39; benefit, and so pay to & # 39; the 2018. World Cup final. Wembley is a great benefit to the Britons to think about 3 points.

In the last two years, English lion lions have lost 94% of their home games. More likely, the Three Lions will keep the tradition playing Wembley's last game last year, to help Southgate winners play, affecting Croatia and growing.

Croatia has a great reputation

The game between Croatia and England will be very attractive and hard

Croatian players have suffered a lot of suffering from the 2018. World Cup. Their main players in Russia, such as Danijel Subasic, Vedran Corluka and Mario Mandzukic, but we can not find the new place. Croatia is not more confident, the second largest team in the UEFA League of Nations Nations (8), is behind Iceland with 13 destinations; promised.

Today's Wembley game tonight between England and Croatia today is the life of death and death. The winner of the ticket will have the top to go to the League of Nations League which will be held next summer, the person who lost the group must go down to the group B. The ball does not have a & # 39; going on but you can think of the strength of Wembley's heat and wild.

B album 4 UEFA League Team

Four Nations Cup
B album 4 UEFA League Team


English (4-3-3): Pickford; Dun, Shaw, Gomez, Alexander-Arnold; Winks, Dier, Barkley; Sterling, Rashford, Kane,

Croatia (4-3-3): Kalinic; Life, Lovren, Vrsaljko, Jedvaj; Rakitić, Brozović, Modric; Perisic, Kramarić, Rebic.

Prediction: 1-0

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