Enormous Asteroid Packing 50 megatons of the force could be downstream down in 2023


An unusual asteroid may pack 50 megatons of force; falling down on Earth in 2023. A large asteroid could be on its way to the soil in a short time going through space of accessibility. possible to prevent Earth.

The news comes from the Express that is going on; NASA's publications suggest that spacecraft could be linked to the fact that only one of the incredible initiatives is likely to be tied; We have our planet, and each one of them try to turn the asteroid into Earth over the next 100 years.

Knowing about the 2018 LF16 asteroid, then our stars have seen today's spacecore on pounds 16 of the Jet Laboratory Jet Propulsion (JPL) works that had been done. counting his orbit and his likelihood to be broken into our planet. The accounts show an asteroid 2018 LF16 to & # 39; affecting our planet on a different 62 day between this and 2117.

An element of these incredible times will come out just five years since it is now taking place on August 8, 2023. Dates will have an additional impact in the coming days of & # 39; arriving on 3 August, 2024, and on 1 August, 2025.

To make compromise worse it is considered that the spacegroup is in place; valued almost 700 feet over and currently moves through space at a distance of more than 33,844 thousand per hour. This will provide a 2018 LF16 asteroid twice as large as a statue-of-Liberty spacecod that sailed on the # 39; former planet.

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