Enrico Macias still has a dream to play; singing in Algeria


The song of the French song, which createdEncourage my country, has just hit the Olympia. He returned Pointon his great life industry: returning to Constantine, the town where he was born.

The singerChildren of each country just influenced the level of Olympia but dreamed, again and again, to sing in Algeria, where he was born 80 years ago, 11th December, 1938. In an interview with point A few days before the two 9th and 10th February concerts in Paris, Enrico Macias returned to his desires without meaning for brotherhood among people without breaking out the political situation and # 39; could not obstruct the foundations of humanitarianism.

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"Leave me my country, I left my house"… these are the first verses of the song Encourage my country This is a & # 39; his first success. But since 1961, Enrico Macias, a Constantine's child, in Algeria, does not welcome the country he has seen on his birth. want Is Oriental, The to eliminate your truth North people, the crown is not closed. "I'm a French feeling first. But Algerian is born in my roots and Israelis with a conviction, with close association with the Jewish people I am part of. I do not have to let them down ", he told Marc Fourny, our colleague from Rubha.

Enrico Macias has a beautiful and renowned singer, saying that his humanity was born in Constantine suburbs, a cultural and religious crossroads where the most complex and complex relationships were created. "I had Christian, Muslim, Jewish, relatives … for me, everyone was the same. We did not care about the belief of others before playing together … The diversity in the & # 39; my community, all religions … And this may be the reason I realized that I could soon get on ", he says.

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Today, the political situation could be done seriously But not, the Beggar of love want to continue to preach to # 39; settlement between people. Against every chance, he's a dream to be & # 39; Jews and Muslims settlers. "Some countries have given me a boycotted, but I can go to Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco. I took the West to the East and East to the West somewhere … But in Algeria Everything was banned. To return to sing there, to Constantine … And a dream that I often do »He tells in his human case.

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