Epic Games disrupts Fortnite players who have illegally banned Ninja's controversy


Update: Epic games have now been denied that they will simply stop the player because of the Ninja report. More information below.

Epic Games have begun to provide compensation for some of the Fortnite fans that have been suspended incorrectly, among them; community back after giving Ninja event.

Ninja, the Fortnite, who was a popular contributor, found out in some hot water recently after illegally reporting on a stream for a & # 39; spinning it.

This started a debate about the misuse of the report, which is intended to be used for players who have pollution / hiding / streaming streaming.

Ninja allowed to leave the player for a while, and said that, although he was so fond of Fortnite, just because he is reporting someone, he does not mean that they will be banned.

However, a new event then showed that the Ninja player is a n; mentions "getting ping higher than me", and this player was banned (although Epic now says that it was not just because of the Ninja report).

Cheraxo, the banned player, has shown that an e-mail was sent to him by Epic, saying

"We have been aware that our processes for the analysis of accounts can be made available to us to successfully complete accounts. We will help you out and help you. give you compensation for your mistake."

Update: A member of staff from Epic Gaming responded to the Nineteen thread to suspend a player for a high ping.

We give a real emphasis on the reporting and implementation of the accounts. We also respond to each report and follow the same process to find out what action is needed.

There are two accounts in this: Account The account was first reported by Ninja and Census linked to the YouTube video we got out

  • On October October, Census B was convicted for reasons not connected to the reporters of players.
  • On October 3, Ninja recited an account A. It was investigated and not due to a lack of evidence.
  • On 4 October, the display name Census removed from the name dated October 3.
  • On November 13, Census B was rehabilitated based on the review of the basic system.
  • On November 17, Bill B converts the show name to show the account name A during the Ninja report.

We were aware of YouTube's video that we blocked B (and then not) an account based on the wrong Ninja report. We hope this will use the sequence of actions.

On November 14, some of the players began to have their accounts declining and were distributed with 2,000 V-Bucks for their Epics Games part.

As well as producing castors who have been banished forever, Epic Games will be a " look into the system to report players, as it seems that it causes more problems than it is in the current state.

As just Epic Games decides that bills were banned in the first place, however, it is not clear, but if you have been banned and if you are in a position, Feeling it was unhappy, you can contact the Epic Games support.

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