Epic Games start to & # 39; acting against the success of Apex Legends


Can Apex's story benefit from & # 39; Fortnite battle? In Epic Games they will make sure that it does not.

If there is a company in the current market you do not have to worry about growth Apex stories it is of course Epic Games with his FortunatelyHowever, this is not true because it does not take them to do anything against the good reception of the royale battle that was launched again. Light Heavy Extreme and Electronic art, The Apex stories.

According to reports from a variety of users, the Epic marketing team has begun to use services Google so when you search Apex stories also appeared as a statement Fortunately how it is Apex stories It is very clear that we are watching a free video game.

The strategy made by Epic Games It's very simple and thanks to the targeted advertising that is offered Google Selected listeners companies can be selected to encourage their products, beyond what they say to those who want to play Apex stories yesterday Fortunately There is also another option, make sure that anyone who is thinking of battleroyale + free play can also go through the Epic Games Shop.

This is something you see when you look for Apex Legends in the & # 39; the Google browser.

A few days after being released Apex stories There is already a gap in Twitch and has downloaded over 10 million players, highlighting the amazing 1 million active player icon. On the other hand, with around 10 million players to watch their & a concert to play Marshmello there Fortunately we still see how he has a long way to do this Apex stories, although it is definitely more interesting than what you can do Epic Games to make sure that the air is left Fortunately.

In another story related to Apex stories It has been from Digital Foundry where they have been trying to verify the aim of & # 39; Provides 60 of the consoles in which the videogame is, can you find it?

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