EPIDEMY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS IN RIGHT OF TERMINOLOGY Ministers have banned access to public areas for a month or until they have been vaccinated.


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A state of emergency was declared in one New York state as a result of one of the largest epidemic diseases of the trout in the last decades.

Consequently, in the next 30 days, in the next 30 days, the first 30 days will be banned all people who are not immunized into public places, at least. until they have been vaccinated.

This is the latest series in a series of respiratory diseases in the United States, which has the basis for reversing immunization.

Rockland, about 20 kilometers from New York Manhattan, called for a 30-day crisis for Goddesses to go through or get all MMR vaccines.

The disease was recorded in California, Illinois, Texas and Washington, according to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, according to reports from the USA.

In the WHO's latest report published in November, it has been suggested that the increase in false news about immunization – along with the poor state of the health insurance system across the world – is one of the t The main reasons for the rise in patient numbers were 30% in 2016 and 2017. t

– Only a few cases grow rapidly to tens or hundreds of thousands if vaccines are not given to citizens – they say from WHO.

The biggest problem is North and South America, Europe, as well as the countries in the Eastern Midland.

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