Episode 8 – JoJo's Prophet: Wind Wind


As expected, Guido Mista was at the Golden Golden at the back of her; Waiting in our wings, very similar to Abbacchio's story a few weeks ago. Young Mista looked very similar to the elusive Phoenix Wright, and he was lived in a bad way (as long as he always raised his shirt to his sight) to the day he tried to stop attacking sex, and a series of blank points from the deaths of the attacks. He became a racial event, killed the men, and went into the same way of noble crime as our rest of our heroes. Although I do not think this promise is very sympathetic to Abbacchio, I'm amazed at the sooner the show is going on. looks at the members of the new Giorno group. When they were first introduced, I felt that they might have been nobility, but now it is clear that their aims and personalities were well defined than I'm ready to give them credit.

We believe with Part Two of Mista Tours, and we are here. run down by Mario Zucchero, Sale. The program is much faster than the speed of the movie, with its function; happening on the top of a truck that flows up a mountain up, with a driver who can & # 39; catching a breach from our hero or illness. It's Kraft Work; in Sale & # 39; s Stand, and it's possible to frost things instead, so the laird's hand could catch up something, or a shot may be caught in the middle . Something is amazing about how fast a gun's shot is by someone who's a bad person. Taping a shot is slowly hanged and looks at how it will be; to kill the final nemesis.

With Mista's backup now on the cover, it provides a thematic feeling of why the Pistols of the Sex would be; scattered Number 4 due to bad luck. I've just been using that to become a unique character, but everything about Mista is explained by chance and fortune. There is a huge lump of attack; This program comes from that creature, with the dark time that comes out when its four saddles remain in its sender. If you had a logical thinking, you usually would have four, meant that it was better off all three, but the show stops and says, "But there are four bad news." You just have to roll it out.

The fast comparison is getting m & # 39; Imagination really went out to see how JoJo was in a live action (sacrilege, I know), especially now that the series is a # 39 ; Introducing more common adult female men. I like the melodrama that you can find out of the same elements you could see in an action film. Nothing in this strange or strange Hollywood is interesting. I thought I was laughing when Mista got the last device out and then. push a bill that has already been installed in the Sale brain. That time is of concern when you're just waiting for the bad person to fall on his legs and die. This is the staging I'm getting over any of the special animation initiatives.

So far, it seems that I'm just going to do how everything is done. The funnyness has been incredibly reliable, and even the things I was ready to beat, like most of the Passione gang, have become a great deal. There are still some people who are affected by them and have a & # 39; understand and understand, but everything has been so poor and have it; entertaining me that I'm still going on for the trip. These statements may be all together with us as we will getting more into the season, but so far I'm getting scary.

Rating: A

The strange story at JoJo: Wind Wind currently moving forward

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