Episode, program 1431: Marzenka and Andrzejek live in a terrible manner! My love is Marzenka?


Mixed love relationship 1431. Marzenka (Olga Szomańska), Andrzejek (Tomasz Oświeciński), Krystian (Paweł Ciołkosz)
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Mixed love relationship 1431. Marzenka (Olga Szomańska), Andrzejek (Tomasz Oświeciński), Krystian (Paweł Ciołkosz)

M jak miłość "clouds" hang over the Lisieckich couple. Marzenka (Olga Szomańska) and Andrzejek (Tomasz Oświeciński) will face a huge determination of the doctor. The program "M jak miłość" in 1431 can be heard by those in love with the habitat which they will never have a child. Marzenka's illness prevents her from being heavy. On that day, beloved Marzenka, a colleague from the Krystian school (Paweł Ciołkosz), will be going into life, which together everything from a spouse – even more.

Presentation of "M jak miłość", 1431 – Monday, 25/03/2019, at 20.55 on TVP2

For full happiness, Marzenka and Andrew have no child from "M jak miłość"! Lovers had already been agreed to extend the family, despite Marzenka's first concern that the relationship between pregnancy and childbirth would be problematic. Andrzejek told his wife that he would be so keen as he could get his number.

Soon, in the 1431 program, M jak miłość, there will be a big problem, that the spouse cannot cope with. A test shows a different pregnancy that Marzenka will not be a mother. During the visit to the doctor he will hear terrible research. The gynecologist will warn her that the problems with endometriosis, which she identifies in Marzenka, can be problems.

In fact, in the 1431 program "M jak miłość" he will warn the patient that she is saving him, but there will be a link to endometriosis in Marzenka with huge costs. Desperate Lisiecka decides to borrow a loan from the bank, as she won't be able to get as much money to stay in a private clinic in Warsaw.

An animal goes on its way to the Krystian, a friend from school, who was Marzenka's first love. He was with him more than twenty years ago that she first kissed her. In 1431, "M jak miłość", Krystian will be the bank's director, where Marzenka will come for a loan.

During the meeting, old memories will be returned. Marzenka wears a girlfriend and Krystian presses Andrzej's wife with his personality. – I got upset. Would you think it would be the manager of the bank? – Krystian remembers the first kiss.

– I always knew you would leave long – Marzenka says.

Krystian looks at the Lisiecka hand and sees the ring on his finger. – You see, you have also gone a long way. To the altar – he will laugh. – He is sorry … – put it after a minute.

Pechowo in 1431 program "M jak miłość" Andrzejek Marzenka will also see a beautiful man in the suit. He will definitely come into the restaurant, and in his mind the wife thinks he will be lamenting him. – Wara from my wife – growing as dangerous as she can. Marzenka runs after him.

It is already certain that Marzenka's man “M jak miłość” stay longer and this will help her and her marriage to Andrzejek.

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