Equal to Taiwan's crystal decline, Sun Chao won a National Craft Award – News – Rti Meadhanach Radio Station


Equal to Taiwan's crystal decline, Sun Chao won a National Craft Award – News – Rti Meadhanach Radio Station

  • Time: 2018-11-22 13:53
  • News statement: Interview
  • Writer: Jiang Zhaolun

Gao Song 89 "Celeird National Performance Award 2018" was received by Sun Chao (left). Its installments and achievements in creating glaze crystals are recognized by domestic and international art shows. His wife is Wei Wei (photographed by Jiang Zhaolun)

The National Center for Monitoring and Development of Taiwan's Process held the "2018 Craft Ceremony National Awards Service" today (22nd), and Minister of Culture Zheng Lijun, the Sun Chao Award, won a Taiwanese crystal glaze master this year. Sun Chao, who is almost 90 years old, says that his life is a spirit that is not to be delivered, a & # 39; trying to innovate, not trying to get rid of, and create it so far. What he wants to make her life is very happy. South Westerly

# 电影 内容 # 孙超: "There's power, impulse, you have to do it, you have to do it, the best, the best thing."

Not only did he win the National Literature Award, but today (22nd), from Minister for Culture, Zheng Lijun, this artwork is included in collections of internationally important museums such as British Museum. In his hands, he won the National Craft Performance Award.

Sun Chao, 89, was born in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China in 1929. After his war and cultivation, he created his confidence that he was completely and abandoned, and became a keystone for life.

Sun Chao, who loved art as a child, was clarified by a good teacher when he was learning at the National Art Institute. Since then, he has a different relationship with the creation of art. After that, he worked in the National Palace Museum's Science and Technology Chamber, and the range he was learning to move from carving to pottery. By choosing "Crystal Glaze" as a lifelong research work, and finally to & # 39; Creating crystal pottery, innovation and other major breakthrough after Sun's research on traditional glass.

In fact, Sun Chao's a & # 39; A first person in China also to make an abnormal glass of high heat. When he returned to Paris at the age of 71, he again encouraged his creative power, he began to allow them to progress, randomly, scratch, decline and use, since then gradually change from a three -thematic to bottle to a more heavy, cheaper flat pottery.

Not only that, Sun Chao develops tools, equipment and special technology, such as the clay machine, the clay large plate, growing through the size of the pottery and the kiln change, used in creating crystal glass. The fool has a contemporary glaze crystal painting, the word "Sun Chao" equals fairly with Taiwan crystal glass.

Sun Chao believes he is a pottery history; in the whole Chinese culture, from a pottery culture, black pottery culture, Reaching Tang glaze, Song Dynasty, what new techniques do you have? we are currently Because he did not accept the & # 39; lost, he continued to try and go. try. Given that he has worked hard and has given it, it's only today, and he also does. encouraging everyone. Sun Chao: "(Basic sound) I said nothing, what I need to try. It's not good for Sun Chao to be done. It is treated like this. I'm not willing to delete it. like this." 」

So far, Sun Chao has been creating and not having a # 39; hiding. In 2011, he published the book "Creation in Kiln Fire" for the definition of its glaze for 30 years. In recent years, due to the second half of the company and the promotion of Wei Wei, its creativity is more voluntary, gentle, and emotional. For Sun Chao, all honor and reputation are in autumn, but for Taiwan's clay art development, Sun Chao will almost certainly make important historical achievements on a page.

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