Eric Dungey's role in Syracuse may have been post-injured


Eric Dungey stayed four years for a team like this. Four years for such a season. Four years to play in a game like this.

And nine minutes out to Saturday against Notre Dame the third place, the fourth Syracuse racism fell down in the middle of the quarter. look like the case, Emergency from the game and adds No 12 Orange aspirations in a bad 36-3 loss at Yankee Stadium West-

"He always looks when you see a brother, when you see a team, come down like that," said Koda Martin's attacking responsibility.

This is the last thing that Dungey did in season. He was among an incredible campaign, after he had high rods (690) to retire his position and position out (12). It was the engine; In the fourth highest level crime in the country, one of the three bearers played an active signal in the college football with at least 8,000 yards passing (8,665) and 1,000 room rods (1,929) than post.

But after running a four-yard on Syracuse's third game on his game, when he was & # 39; walking up to the line for the next game, Dungey fell to the rod, lower back. After a game, it was taken to a team bus.

Syracuse (8-3), a bowl that was allowed for the first time since 2013, was injured as a "body" body, although it seemed like Dungey's back was his pain. Dino Babers' coach had not updated after her game, and Dungey was not available to comment.

"It's hard, it's a big part of this team, a very important player for this program," said Kendall Coleman, a guardian. "It's very tough. It's like you're enjoying, & # 39; Woah. & # 39;"

It was only 10-0 at the time of the book. But his feelings were more like 100-0. Backup Tommy DeVito had no chance against the defensive protection of Notre Dame, which was taken twice and sent out six times. He did not get much help. Nykeim Johnson raised a 42-go-go-go-go-past visitor. Taj Harris could not catch another throw after Alohi Gilman had been hit, and as a result he took part in the Gilman surrender and the Notre Dame touchdown. The Orange protection was cleared for 463 yards.

"The children did not deal well," said Babers. "It's a disappointment. That's saying, it's cool about old bodach that is getting older. Next time we'll be able to do something like do this – and the lawyer is willing, next time – they handle it much better. We were a little young in the dent for this one. "

The next time maybe for Dungey – not at Syracuse at least.

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