Eric Newman: There is no happy ending in drug trafficking


11/25/2018 – –

The creator is "Narcos", the Netflix series that tells the story of a cocaine in Latin America and as it is already on stage, saying that the United States is "the main problem" in terms of drug trafficking stability and thereby for drug guards of that business "it is not satisfied". This is Eric Newman, an American producer and creator of the series, after three seasons focusing on the Cali and Medellin Colombian charters, and figures like Pablo Escobar, are now in a position. take effect occasionally and another place. Le Diego Luna, chapo of Miguel Miguel Miguel Angel Angel Félix Gallardo, "Narcos: México" traveled to the end of the 70's and early 80's, before that country became the most drug-free. Different What makes a difference to this one from the Colombian seasons? The mexico experience in "War on Drugs" is quite different from its appearance. Colombia had a great influence, because it had put out the big cards and as soon as the violence was at the beginning of the 90s. Not only did Mexico have won his & her; war, but everything is worse and worse. And to find out what the "Narcos" story was about to travel to the past. When I got into the search for the series, I realized the many aspects of the disease history in Mexico that started in the late 70's with the growth of traders in Guadalajara. Felix Gallardo was a brilliant, national and a former industry full of serious drug suffering. This is a & # 39; first quarter. What do you think of the critics who say this "genre" generation is a trader? There is no glory at the end of Pablo Escobar, to blow her; Date candles in a hidden place … away from his family. These people are wealthy, but they are not alive to enjoy the money; There is no ending in a drug trading business. I think there is a risk that does not; The worship of the monsters, because it is said that the monster is born and is not true. If we believe we can lose the chance to stop them before they take their representatives.

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