Ershad HM filed a Dhaka-17 competition nomination paper


The Chairman of the Jatiya Party Party will Challenges in the general elections for Dhaka-17.

The former military regulator named his name to the Dhaka Election Officer KM Ali Azam on behalf of his biggest affiliate. rule of Awami League.

The Dhaka-17 constituency is comprised of Equipment Ward No. 15, 18, 19, 20, and Dhaka's destination in Dhaka, by its boundaries.

Management Awake League has preserved me to name members; Alliance after one of their chief executives came to Oikyafront to deny his name.

General Secretary of the OamiulQuader's Awami League said that "members of the allies were" to avoid misunderstanding ".

The JP chairman went to CMH yesterday morning when he fell ill. He could go to Singapore, Member JP Presidium, SM Foisal Chisty said yesterday.

He said that Ershad has been suffering from knee pain and some other problems.

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