ESA's Mars Express is to launch new images of market heritage


The European Express Marsh (ESA) Mars Express Mars Express has made an image of a part of the Martian landland, an area at the end of the rocky and beautiful north and south hemisphere that created the floods of Red Planet once.

The area, which is formed by rocks, called Nili Fossae, at the borders of the northern and southern hemisphere.

It is an amazing example of past activity on the planet and its # shows signs where wind, water and ice move everywhere material from place to place, and the creation of special patterns and landscapes as it did, the ESA said in the Wednesday statement.

Despite Mars's reputation as a dry, hard world today, it is Water is believed to have an important role in the sculpture of Nili Fossae through continuous downturn.

Nili Fossae is full of rocky glens, small hills, and clubs of flat landforms (known as geological shaped tables), with some crude rock appearing down to the surface; Creating a number of features like a ditch like a graben, the ESA noted.

In addition, the photograph also showed the high ground of Nili Fossae. This seems to include a & # 39; Most of the rocky ridge and the lowland land comprises small rocks, meats, hills and more, with the two sections separated by erosion clads and glens.

The shapes and structures scattered throughout this image are considered to be shaped over time by flowing not just by water and ice, but also wind, ESA said.

The large images of the surface seemingly dark in the face of their backdrop, as if they were carried by woodwood or ink.

These are areas of darker volcanic sand, which were transported and replaced by martian winds today. A wind of sandy movement and dust often surround Mars, and creating a dog field throughout the planet and its; creating a multi-brown, non-competitive range such as Nili Fossae, researchers said.

The data that compiled this image was collected by & # 39; Mars Express Reconstruction Camera Stereo (HRSC) on February 26.

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