Eskom paid more than the R1bn to Guptas


Ajay and Atul Gupta File file: Media Media

Ajay and Atul Gupta File file: Media Media

File File: Media Media

File photo: Media Media

JOHANNESBURG – Eskom has paid by the Gupta mineral near R1billion this year for unnecessary coal, despite the facilities that showed that coal levels at record levels were has continued to dubbed.

Eskom paid R705 million to Optimum from March, due to the contractual duties raised by ministers from Mosebenzi Zwane who was minister of mineral resources and the chief executive of Matshela Koko.

In this month, the Eskom input level 1 decrease following the supply of its coal power stations only 10 days.

The plants are provided by mines with Tegeta Sealladh and Resources, the same as Guptas & Oakbay Investments property.

Usually the facility will maintain the supply of a month for emergency.

Eskom has paid payments to Oakbay, despite her problematic problems, explaining that he was a duty to do you; do that.

Eskom spokesman Khulu Phasiwe said that the R150 tonne paid for the best.

Phasiwe said that the contract with Tegeta continued, although Oakbay was under business rescues.

"They are under business rescues and the law says that there is nothing you can do in terms of penalties until their case is settled," said Phasiwe.

"From our side, we are only interested in getting coal and we are willing to buy from suppliers at a reasonable price.

"We all say from our side that we do not want to go into a range of comments. We just want to get as much coal as possible".

The best mineral has a capacity to make more than 200,000 tonnes of coal per month.

However, its agreement with Eskom gives the number doubling to 470000 tonnes per month.

The Guptas bought the mine from the great mining of Glencore mining for R2.15bn through Tegeta in a contract set by Zwane just after having been appointed by the former President Jacob Zuma.

The R659m Payroll Eskom extended to Tegeta to enable its procurement function to be enabled.

Ted Blom's energy analyst said the ongoing prepayment was so strange.

"Tegeta is getting as much coal as possible to generate money to live – and even that situation is not the best running," said Blom.

The best staff currently have a complaint at & # 39; mine to pay an application on their monthly wages.

Eskom this month the Koko Finance report forwarded forward as the brain behind the prepayment offered by the Eskom Board Committee.

The report said it was weird that the pre-payment was made just days after the Glencore facility was in danger of sufficiently for subordinate coal provision to Eskom, something that was Koko wants to go out for Tegeta.

He described the prepayment as a favorable cure.

"Eskom and Tegeta officers were committing crime on section 34 (1) of the Prohibition and Prohibition of Criminal Proceedings Act," said the report.

"However, a question that still needs to be answered by the Eskom evaluations in terms of why Eskom continued to use its hazel and did not pick up the penalties after that. "


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