Eskom – the internal terrorist attack


Eskom's battle is a battle for South Africa.

The best is Eskom the gauge for South Africa. It is a huge, unfortunate megalith that is completely broken down by people treated as a personal ATM and a political football field.

Four lattice operators were affected on Monday as a building with a wet crest that was just a dried up. Eskom is running on a prayer, and is not legally placed who is familiar with this publication. The world's largest energy resource should be a source of pride, especially in a country with more human capital enough to work on the different jobs just as advertised. Instead, Eskom na apocalyas zombie holds the state property: R440 billion in debt, money that the landlord promised, and can not meet his simple order: keep the lights on, and wheels business & turned.

This is a disaster that threatens to blow the whole economy, a terrorist attack on her; This county is done by the people who have ruled a complaint carefully, and (laughing no longer) in their abilities.

The former president, Zuma Zuma, has been busy by resigning – faster than he had during his two terms at the helm. He has been campaigning with – and usually – President Ramaphosa in KZN, and participating in a "charm" crime that aims to represent his president as an unfair disadvantage.

But even if all the arguments have been wrong, the numbers do not lie: when Zuma gave the restriction in 2009, he spent 40,000MW, with 30,000 a worker, and gave a R40 billion bill. It now generates 48,000MW, there are 37,000 workers, and services are larger than that ten times the debt. It does not generate enough income to pay the interest, except for salaries, maintenance and fuel.

About that fuel. Eskom is involved in "beautifully clean coal", as the US President Donald Trump would say. Returning to the apartheid years, and # 39; Much of the South Africa coal, largely free to the offer, was a supporter for supporters, and generally beneficial. But all parties come to an end, and the quality material that is excavated near coal plants is something that has disappeared. This was not so simple in "wet coal" sheets; experts have been promising for almost two decades that this would be a problem.

In response, the government decided to proceed with the construction of Medupi and Kusile, the largest two (and most expensive) coal plants in the world – names that are circulated as a rocket gravestones of this country. Quickly behind schedule and reconstruction, they will add about 9MW to the network; it's really a great help, but it is still built so that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere can rapidly warm up.

Then there is a culture of non-pay – towns like R30 billion are in arrears for the facility – and by stealing electricity with people without having to do it; pay.

Then some of the Gupta brothers, the renowned Zuma supporters, are among other activities that are in fact; damaging gravity, for using R100 million from Eskom for a coal mine known as the best Glencore genius.

So it does not seem surprising that you are in a position; This reads in darkness on a dying device.

Former Chief Executive of Matshela Koko, Eskom Group Holdings, was one of the most exaggerated creatures during Zuma's years, Some of the numbers were tweeted in a black night on Monday.

& # 39;Stage 4 means the 4,000MW system is short. It means @Eskom_SA is a & # 39; failing to meet the high demand of 27,000MW when it has the capacity of 45,000MW. This means that about 40% of the generating capacity is not available. This is very incapable of its!! & # 39;

Koko is right. But only that, until he recently sent out, e it was the roof. Koko and his rest of Zuma's swords are a creating an uninterrupted tradition, for centuries of South African relatives who refuse to accept any crime, or accountability. The unfinished hills at taxi levels, the R2-billion losses in daily income, attendants who serve vacant restaurants, dark school rooms – all of which are on because of Koko, Brian Molefe, Ben Ngubane and their many coisers.

(Anyway, Koko's craftsman saw the light, a bundle value, because her company had at least eight Eskom offers. Koko is a careful person).

President Ramaphosa Monday said he was "spoiled" and "angry" about the state of affairs. But one wonders about the office of the postmother, which Ramaphosa was doing. took place for Zuma's four-year-old four-year-old, and his fitting out of the collapse that was obviously happening. Ramaphosa, and indeed everyone within the governing party, should not be angry but greatly nervous. Their saving grace is 8 May – Selection Day – there is no other choice, and no one is waiting in the wings to save the country. The people who broke the people who ordered them to settle, when they were in a perfect world, would be put into force in the darkness with his / her; Our rest, waiting for places to be honest and honest to do; sweep out their rough broods.

During its State on the Nation Address, Ramaphosa said that Eskom was broken up into three separate parts – distribution, generation and distribution. This restructuring has been on government policy since 1999. Achievement, however, has never been a strong point. Unions, who already leave job cuts and privatization, threat of war. One. And Ramaphosa's choice of speed will be: dead staff on the street, or proactive backup sales for its international investment partners in the United Kingdom, in & # 39 ; Germany and China at the basic price of bargain when a foreign archive needs to pay down the debts granted during Zuma's and free for everyone.

The lights out two causes: pollution and poor governance. For most countries, it would invader invaluable of non-vocational proportions to close the power grid. Here, there was a threat from the inside – from the leaders chosen for our service and protection. The shame can only be considered in darkness. At present, there are plenty to go around. DM


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